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Help! Need to transfer amazon credit....

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by makvaf, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Hi all! I'm waiting to pickup the new macbook air, and have a lot of giftcard credit on amazon.com.....but there seems to be no way to customize on amazon!

    Any creatives ideas out there on how I could order a customized macbook air (13" w/8GB RAM) thru amazon? Or maybe buy something that I could immediately resell for the same amount to then put towards a purchase at the online apple store?
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    You can buy American Express Gift Cards on Amazon in various denominations between $25 and $3000, for a ~$4 fee per card I think.

    Use those cards to buy the BTO Macbook you want on Apple.com. You can tell it to charge several cards and tell it how much to charge to each.
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    i have no idea if this is possible, but is there any way to order a base on amazon and return it to the apple store? get a credit and then order a BTO

    or just do what the guy above me said
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    Looks like I can't buy American Express pre-paid cards thru amazon....even though it's listed it says it's sold outside of amazon, therefore can't use my amazon credit.

    Buying the base model and then returning it at an Apple store is an intriguing option....I wonder if they would go for it, any experience returning unopened apple items to the stores for credit out there?
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    Go with the advice on the american express gift card
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    I once won an ipad2 at a trivia contest, and I returned it to the Apple store for credit (which I later used to buy this MBA :) ). They took it no problem after scanning the serial number. However, they told me they could only refund me $479 (other ones in the store were $499 at the time) because that was the invoice price that Apple originally sold that iPad for.

    So I assume if you did return one you bought on Amazon, you would only get back what Amazon paid for it.

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