Help needed - MacBook won't start up.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Celelorien, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Celelorien
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    Feb 18, 2012
    Alright. Last night, I shut my computer down as usual. Today, when I tried to boot it up, it went to the grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning gear. After a minute or so, it went black and (I suppose) tried to boot again, because it replayed the startup noise and went back to the Apple and spinning gear.

    I reset the NVRAM, which didn't help. (I know it reset because the speakers came back louder, ahaa...)

    When I tried to boot after that, it would do the grey screen for a moment, then shut off completely. Attempting to boot into Safe Mode resulted in same - grey logo screen + gear for a minute, then total shut down.

    Next, I booted from my Leopard install disk to try to run Disk Utility. At first it wouldn't let me click Repair Disk - only Verify Disk. When I tried to run Verify Disk it would cut out with an error for "Invalid node structure".

    I fiddled around for a bit while still booted from the install disk, just trying to gather additional information, and quite unexpectedly the Repair Disk button showed as available in the Disk Utility after a while. So I tried clicking that, and it made a valiant attempt, but then errored out again - this time with "Invalid Volume File Count" error.

    So I shut it down and booted from the root disk into single-user mode. When I tried to run a fsck, here is what it displays:
    What does this mean, and is there any hope at all of fixing my computer without completely destroying all my files? I've heard good things about DiskWarrior, but it's $100 and if there's any other way to save it or force it to fix itself, I would love to know! Any advice at all would be appreciated.

    Running on OS X 10.5.8 Leopard at the time. (I'm pretty sure it was 10.5.8 - I know it was 10.5.somethiiiing...)
  2. ibuyufo
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    Sep 22, 2007
    I'm fairly certain that means your hard drive is toast.
  3. Celelorien
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    Feb 18, 2012
    :( Sorrow! Any chance I might be able to slave it to another Mac to attempt file recovery? Or is it probably extra-crispy toast? o__o;;
  4. tug
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    Feb 3, 2010
    loughborough. u.k.
    it sounds like its definitely dead :eek:

    good news, new HDD's are really quite reasonably priced right now :)

    why not use this time to see if you would benefit from more ram.

    you could turn this round to your benefit, and end up with a better machine than you had before. :)

    shame about your files though, if you decide to spend some money, you could look into a new ext HDD too.

    best of luck with it though.

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