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help new ibook problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gt28r, Sep 28, 2005.

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    hello. i received my new ibook. there is a problem with the display. the display would turn black when in use. pressing the power button or moving the trackpad does not work. the display would turn black even with the energy saver set to never. if i close the ibook to sleep and open the ibook the display would be bright again. the display would then turn black again after a few seconds. i know the ibook is not asleep because i can barely see the desktop. if i press the power button and the return button the ibook would shut down. what is the problem with the display? this is my first apple product and i am fustrated with this problem.
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    mad jew

    Okay, well it sounds like the display is just sleeping. It does this so the LCD doesn't wear out.

    How did you set it to never dim? There are two sets of preferences, one for the battery and one for the power adaptor so if you changed one but not the other, that could be why it's still happening.

    I just press the space bar when my screen sleeps and it wakes back up promptly. However, I would have thought the power button would have the same effect, maybe not... Even if the space bar doesn't work, can you use the keyboard's brightness controls to wake it back up?
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    when i press the power button the screen is still black. i can see the shut down screen if i look really close. if the screen is asleep i would not be able to see the desktop if i look really close.
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    mad jew


    I could be wrong and I don't have my iBook with me to test this, but I thought the screen sleeping was merely the brightness turned right down. As in, it's the same effect as if you keep turning the brightness down manually, both end up giving you an effectively black screen, however it is actually still on and therefore visible if you look really closely.

    Are you sure the display is set to never sleep? I'm saying this because I didn't realise that there were two profiles (battery and adaptor) for ages and couldn't work out why my changes were not taking effect. :)
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    Look at the top row of keys. I think it will be the F1 and F2 keys on the iBook.There will be a symbol to the left that looks like a sun icon. The left one dims the display and the right one will brighten it. You may have inadvertently hit one by mistake. :)
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    i think there is a problem with the display. i just shut down the ibook and turned it on again. the display would not even light up anymore. i can tell the ibook is on because i can make out the desktop. the brightness buttons does not fix the problem.
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    Take it to your local Apple Retail Store and have them take a look and see what they say, since it is a new machine it is still covered under the Care Plan and therefore can be replaced for a new one if in fact your display is bad, sounds to me if anything that your backlight is burned out.
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    mad jew

    Try zapping the PRAM. PRAM is where a lot of the display settings are kept.

    Reboot your Mac and hold down "Command(the Apple key)+Option(the Alt key)+P+R" while it is booting, when you hear the startup sound for the second time the operation is complete, and you can release the key combination. Now just let your Mac boot as normal. :)
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    thank you all for the fast replies. i will try that. if that does not work i will bring it to apple. i did download and install all the updates. could it be from the updates?
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    mad jew

    My iBook's been fine with the updates so who knows how this happened. Hopefully it's a software issue though, not a backlight issue which is harder and more time consuming to fix.
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    Apple Service time. :(

    Sorry it happened to you. :eek:
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    resetting the pram did not fix the problem. i think the backlight is broken. i received my new ibook from apple.com. can i exchange the ibook for a new ibook at the apple store? or do i have to send it back to apple.com? i do not want to drive to the apple store and they will refuse to exchange. i also noticed that the display is not aligned correctly. i do not want to get it repaired because there may be problems in the future. is the exchange policy 14 days? thank you.
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    I would get on the phone with Apple Support and calmly but firmy describe the problem to them. They should "Next Day" a shipping box to you where you pack your machine and send it off. This happened to me with my brand new powerbook . Total time; 4 days. No problems. faster than the local service centers although I don't know about Apple Stores since they don't have one in this state.
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    it is likely the read switch that senses whether the machine is closed or open. just saw this recently on a clients machine. just to warn you, they will likely want to replace the logic board, which is unnecessary and does not fix the problem. just mention the read switch to them and hopefully they will check it first. i may be totally wrong but it sure sounds like it to me.

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