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HELP! no boot device?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jwhit3367, Aug 6, 2012.

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    i have a late 2010 model air, it has been well cared for. today it froze so i did a hard reboot, a white screen came up for maybe 15 seconds then it went black and said "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". i tried my external HD that has my time machine backups on it but that didnt do anything. does this mean my SSD went bad? is there anything that i can try to fix it? i looked online and the only SSD replacement i could find was OWC 480GB for $600. i cant afford that right now, are there any other replacement options?
  2. Ksh
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    Uhm are you sure the SSD is dead? :)

    I'd try a bootable pendrive with your OS X and load Disk Utility from there in order to see if SSD is recognized so you can try to fix it.

    Have a nice day.
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    how do i make a bootable pen drive?
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    If you have access to a computer running Lion (obviously not the broken Air, but maybe a friend has one or you have other computers in the house) you can use Recovery Disk Assistant to create a bootable USB drive. You can then boot from that and run Disk Utility to check the SSD and hopefully repair it.
  5. Ksh
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    You can follow this tutorial :)
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    ok so i did that and it said the SSD was fine, then i restarted it and held option again and selected macintosh HD and it loaded everything just fine. but if i dont do it that way then it still says the same thing. no bootable drive found. atleast i can use my computer now but how do i fix that?

    and thanks for the help guys. i really appreciate it.
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    Go into (Apple Menu) --> System Preferences --> Startup Disk and select the correct boot partition. Hopefully this solves your issue.
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    If PBG4's suggestion doesn't fix the boot partition, then consider booting up from the USB key and backing up the SSD to an external drive (using Time Machine or a utility like Carbon Copy Cloner). Then format the drive using Disk Utility and reinstall the OS, and if it boots up OK from the SSD, run Migration Assistant to restore your applications and data.

    Which OS are you running? The 2010s shipped with Snow Leopard, and also came with a little USB restore key that had the OS built in. If you haven't updated to Lion, then you should be able to restore Snow Leopard from the key.

    If you upgraded to Lion, then you might be able to access the restore partition by holding down CMD-R while rebooting. That will let you download OS X over wi-fi and reinstall it.
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    thanks PBG4. that did the trick. 2 thumbs way way up.
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    Glad it worked! :D

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