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Help: PC or MAC?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by actripxl, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Ok guys i need some help here on my next comp. I'm seriously thinking of making a switch, been getting informed and buying magazines based on the Mac. But I would like some info to cement my decision. First is there a p2p program with as much variety as kazza or morpheus ( and yes I do end up buying most of the stuff I download, the rest is just crap that gets erased). Second how slow is Virtual PC. I really only plan to use my computer for e-mails, internet browsing, and reports. I was looking at the ibook but I've read in various places that if I plan to use OSX as my main OS I should avoid the G3. And is there a huge performance difference in the 667/800 G4 power book.
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    I use limewire and Acquisition for p2p programs but they are not as good in my opinion as kazaa. I can usually find what I need though.
    I would wait and see if Apple releases new powerbooks and get one of the old models when they do. I've never used virtual pc so I can't help you there.
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    One question: If all you plan on doing on your computer is e-mail, browsing, p2p, and writing reports, why do you need Virtual PC? The Mac can do all of that without a problem. So, Virtual PC may be just a waste of money for you. As far as speed goes for Virtual PC, it is slower than running a native OS but not anything that is too bad. I run it on my 450mhz G3 and, while it is a bit slow, it's nothing I can't deal with. (And I'm a really impatient person.)

    Hope this helps,

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    there is an app called "iSwipe". it is basically Kazaa for Mac OS X. it searches all the same networks as Kazaa and works just fine. Aquisition is good but only for music. Limewire is not bad either. VPC is rather slow unless you are running it on a new Mac and it's running XP. however, there is a fairly simple hack that allows you to boot up with Windows and it will run just as fast as a native Windows machine. we use it at work for testing and it's truly amazing. we can even run and manipulate ActiveX controllers and stuff. my suggestion would be to try out some Macs and see how you like the OS. it's really the only reason to use a Mac over a PC.
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    for doing reports, email and the web a G3 is fine.
    In fact so much better than any pc that you will be very happy.
    If you have the dough, and want the power boost, I have a 667 G4.
    I love it. (Art Director)

    About virtual PC, what are you wanting to run?
    Pretty much every business app there is has a mac counterpart.

    If you have to use it, it is slow even on a duel Gig. with a gig of ram.
    buts its usable.

    I tested it with XP and had it running.
    just no reason for it.

    Buy a mac, join the family, you will love it
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    Well the reason I was asking about Virtual PC is cause I have office for the pc and since most of the people I know use office I want to have compatability with them.
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    Ahhaahh - i know you didnt! ;)

    I cannot believe that PC users still think that Mac office and Windows office are not compatible!!! Get this, you can write and read windows office files on your mac.
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    For what you have stated your uses will be for then a G3 iBook will suit you fine, and Jaguar works great in the G3 though it is true that it works even better with a G4. If you have the money then yeah a powerbook might be "nice" but it's certainly not neccesary to go that route. an iBook would be great for you, but some people are a little speed crazy and always need the fastest machine....
    What programs do you think you'll need VirtualPC for? You'll find just about all the software you'll use on the PC is available on the Mac and in many cases it's better on the mac (Microsoft has even stated in the past that Mac Office X is a better programs than Office XP!:D )
    Where are you located, because if you have a Apple Store within driving range you should go there and play with the iBook's and other machines and I guarantee you will walk out the store with one under your arm:p
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    As for that hack can you fill me in on it?
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    Looks a *little* tricky, and since you need at least two partitions, you will have to reformat your drive once you get your new Mac, doesn't seem worth it for now.. and it seems you don't even need Virtual PC...

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    What hack? Are you talking about opening Windows files on a Mac? There is no "Hack" for that. If you get a Mac (and I would reccomend the G3 iBook for what you will be using it for), and you purchase Microsoft Office for the Mac (which Microsoft admits is better than the windows version), all you have to do is put your windows office files on your Mac, double click them, and they open in Microsoft Office!! I know you may find it amazing, but Mac's and PC's work amazing well together! You don't need VPC, because all it does is slow down your computer and eat up HDD space. Windows and Mac OS are built to work together. You can open up nearly every windows file on a Mac, as long as you have the progam to open it. Get a Mac and starting living in the digital world.
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    also on a side note, Appleworks will also open Office files and convert them to Appleworks files, you can also save a project in Appleworks as an Office file.....

    oh and if you click on the link that irmongoose provided you will see the Hack in question has to do with VPC.
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    He's talking about the hack that boots to VPC instead of the finder. Its in at least two threads that I know of here....

    I would imagine his Office delema is that he already owns a licence for Office and doesn't want to have to buy it again.

    VPC slow down the computer? Only when its running. Duh... That was a pretty dumb statement . Probably just an anti Windows attack thrown in for the heck of it...
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    VPC is cause I already have(bought) office for the PC. Also how do divix(.avi extensions) files run on the mac I've read that sometimes they don't run as good as on a pc.
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    Sorry, I didn't see the post about the hack.

    Isn't apple running a deal where you get Office for Mac for a discounted price? If you're buying a new computer, you have to figure you'll need to buy software as well.

    As for VPC, when I put it on my 500mhz iBook with a 10g HDD, it ate up 2g of the HDD and it just seemed to slow down my system performance overall (even when it wasn't running). I really didn't need VPC, so I took it off and sold it to a friend. I mainly got it because LimeWire and other P2P services where blocked by my Universities network, and I used VPC to run SongSpy. Then 2 weeks later, they lifted the block of LimeWire, so I got rid of VPC. I didn't mean for it to be an attack on Windows, I'm just saying that I thought it slowed down my system.
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    You just intall divix for OS X you can download it from versiontracker or apples own OS X download page

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    One more question, how good are the 667 g4 PB, just in case new ones don't come out by Christmas, since I have to do my purchase by Jan 4 which is when I leave the country for about 6 months.
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    For the same price as VPC you can get Office v.X with a new Mac I think.

    Also, forget Quicktime for Divx movies, use VideoLan client.
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    Buy a new PowerMac now and get InDesign for free. sell it on eBay and buy Office for OS X.
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    True, some avi files are encoded in a 'Windows only' or 'Don't care about Macs' format. Anyways, to play these files directly without any hassle, you will need VideoLAN Client

    To convert the file into a .mov, which is a 'Mac friendly', 'usable in most video applications' file, you will need DiVX Doctor

    Hope that helps.

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    1) The new DiVX 5.0 for mac includes Divx Validator, a program that fixes a problem with .avi Divx files and quicktime.

    2) Quicktime 6.0, doesn't even need DiVX plugins to work, just a way to convert .avi files or to reparse them (leaving them .avi).

    3) VPC is not nessarry, and you can buy an "upgrade" for OSX even though you own the PC version.

    4) There are several freeware programs that will read and write MS office files

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    Please , please buy a Mac.
    I will even give you my apps, hehhehe.
    Macs are great,
    My family consists of:
    My father, mother, broteher and sister,chihuahuas 2 and my imac and ibook.

    We have a stupid pc that we all hate.

    Welcome to the family , do it get on the mac track , hehehhe, you will love it!!!!:D
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    Thanks for the help guys, I sure hope the new PB come out before Christmas cause I will defintely get a Mac.
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    Kewl, then you can tell me all about your experience and make me do the move! :D
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    If you just need Word for OS X, I think you can order it from MS seperately and at a reduced price ($99 I think). Also, as someone else already mentioned, you can get Office at a reduced price with the purchace of a new Mac.

    A third and more desperate option is getting Office 2000 (eBay maybe). It will run in Classic and is still bound to be speedier than Virtual PC.

    I don't suggest Virtual PC unless you're need to use apps that aren't made for the Mac. It's a beast of a program that will occupy your processor, and make it virtually (pardon the pun) impossible to do anything else. ;)

    PS: Don't worry about your doubts. Every one of use ex-Windows users had them. But I don't know anyone who's "switched" and regretted it* (except that tech-columnist chick who was really a secret MS cronie).

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