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help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ;(

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Xradicaljetx, Oct 7, 2008.

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    I have an i touch 2nd gen and i had to make a g mail account for the mail app thingy and i already had a msn account adn when o tried to type that in. in the mail app it said that i had to go to mail.live something like that and so i did and i got fugin lost. CAN someone help me because i want to use my real e mail address not the g mail thing my msn email address please some on help me hahahahhahahhahahahhahhahhaa!!!!!!!!! :confused::confused::mad::mad::eek::eek:
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    so your trying to use your msn mail when clicking gmail?

    Thats not gonna work, try hitting other, or better yet, just make a new email account for free with gmail and use that
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    yes that's what i did i created a g mail account because when i went to other that's where i used my msn account but i cant use it because it says something about mail and tell me to go to live.mail.com something like that..:eek:
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    Yepp the same thing here but when i go to the site it tells me to go to it shows me some darn thing you have to pay for. So i just go on hotmail.com and dont bother with the mail app.
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    Ivan P

    Well if you've set up a Gmail account, all you have to do is open Mail, select Gmail and type in your Gmail address/password. It will automatically set up. If Mail doesn't display the page where you can select Gmail, go into Settings -> Mail -> Add Account and do it from there.
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    yeup:eek: thanks people ...:apple:
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    you guys have all said the same thing "go make a gmail acount."
    Not trying to be rude but why is he going to make a new email address with no contacts to use it with? just a thought
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    Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live Mail doesn't provide IMAP support, therefore it does not work with any email reader that requires IMAP, including the email app on the iPhone/Touch.

    Or, to put it another way, the only way to access Hotmail is from a web browser.
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    Sorry I can't offer much help but you will need the outgoing/incoming mail server info from MSN to type into the "other" field. You can't just choose the Gmail option and type your msn account into it. Microsoft should able to provide that.

    I couldn't help but LOL at the OP's post. It's so comical yet on the childish side. He must be a kid of eleven or twelve.
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    Ivan P

    Uh, in their first post they said they had already made their Gmail account:

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    yes but he also said that he already had a hotmail account and that he HAD to make the Gmail which im assuming means that he didn't want to make it and that he would much rather use the hotmail account. that is just what i am making of the problem so if i am wrong correct me:)
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    Ivan P

    Well it was just that you say this:

    Why would we be telling them to go make one when they clearly specified in their first post that they had already made it?
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    my apologise, i didnt fully understand what you were saying. Srry if i came off as rude, it wasnt my intention.
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    Some people did say things to the effect of "go make a gmail account" -- either they meant that the OP should just go ahead and use the gmail account he had already made, or they didn't read the original post too closely. (And to be fair, the original post was kind of garbled and hard to follow.)

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