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Help! Recent convert problems...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ordo1980, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Hey guys, I just got a new mac. I'm trying to set up itunes. I transferred my pc itunes folder using my ipod classic. I just saved it all as data and then transferred it to my mac. But I'm wondering if there is a way to clean things up ... there are a lot of desktop.ini files, one in each folder actually. With my pc, i had itunes manage my music folder. But I'm wondering what to do about all the album art files and misc pc-related files. Any way to automatically search and destroy unneccessary files? is there a program i can buy to do it?

    Also, where should i move all my music? I have it all moved into my user -- itunes music folder, the default one that itunes wants to use, since i thought it would be cool to just, from the start, do it the "mac way." But when i go to add all the files to the library, it doesn't actually add any of them. It'll cycle through the files, the artwork, and then there won't be anything added. It's really odd. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I never had problems with itunes with my pc, and the program isn't drastically different, so i don't feel like i'm totally unfamiliar with itunes. I have the box checked for itunes to manage my music, as i did with my pc. and i have unchecked the box for itunes to make a copy in the itunes folder. my music is all already in the itunes folder. so i don't see the need for that to be checked, as id imagine itd just make duplicate copies. Formerly i had all my music in just the music folder with the copy box checked and i ended up having duplicates of every file. so i just deleted the itunes music files and moved my music into the itunes music directory itself and thus unchecked. Help?
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    If I were you, I would try to open iTunes on the Mac, and do an "File -> Add to Library" and select where you put your iTunes Music. It should automatically just copy the music to your library, and then you can select all of your music in iTunes and pick "Get Album Artwork". Once you verify that the music plays, you can delete your source, as iTunes copied all of the music for you to the proper folders.
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    Ok, so based on this i took it to mean this, and this is what i did. I created a folder called 'music filter' on my desktop. i moved all my music files to this folder. I rechecked itunes to make copy in the default itunes folder. i'm adding all the files from 'music filter' to the itunes library. After this is completed then all my files (music only ... so not the desktop.ini/folder.jpg files) will be in the itunes folder, and i can then delete 'music filter.' Is this the proper procedure? Thanks for the quick reply by the way!!!
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    Thats exactly what I would do.
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    Excellent. This worked beautifully. I'll load my ipod and see how the cover art translated, or if it did at all. when i view the folders the picture is there but no picture file exists. I'm not sure how it ported over, nothing is apparent in the the album artwork folder. perhaps it will go away when i delete my desktop master folder? in any case, i think i can now sync my new nano. Thanks!
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    I get all of my cover art from Apple using iTunes, so as far as I am aware you don't need to transfer that, iTunes will pull the artwork for you.

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