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Help (uploading movies)

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by maz808, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Im a newly converted Mac user. I have been downloading high def 1080 AVI formated movies, I am able to watch the movies via Quick Time on my computer but i am interesed in uploading the movies to Itunes so that i can access them via apple tv. How do i do this? If converting is necessary, will they still be in high def 5.1 surround sound format? Although I like what apple tv offers, i-photo, i-tunes, I have not yet purchased it. Is there a better system? Suggestions or directions in 3rd grade english would be appreciated.
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    The movies that are in .avi would only work on the apple tv is you add something like atv flash to the apple tv otherwise you would have to use handbrake to convert them to m4v format which is what itunes uses to transfer the movies to the apple tv for viewing.
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    Also, the :apple:TV's vertical resolution is limited to 720 (not 1080). See the section titled "Video formats supported" here, for codecs and resolutions supported by the :apple:TV out of the box.
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    Ok Sandman i looked at your link but what the **** does that mean? My goal is to be able to download HD movies and wirelessly send them to my theater room. Leagalsounds.com has many levels of quality to download but whats the point if its not HD with 5.1 or better sound. What would you do?
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    Sorry, can't help. Not judging, but I don't download movies. I was just trying to point out that the 'stock' :apple:TV is a little particular about the codecs, resolutions (and, for that matter, framerates) that it will accept. If you try to sync or stream movies that are outside those limits, iTunes won't let you. You could convert the movies (using any of the popular software) to the maximum resolution the :apple:TV will accept. When I rip DVDs, and want the best possible playback, that's what I do.

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