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help with compiling c++ code please!!

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by waterskier2007, Oct 25, 2007.

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    I need some help and i found an old thread but i couldnt really make heads nor tails of it. I am a college student, and today in lecture we used the terminal in Linux for the first time to compile a C++ code and run it. i asked the GSI, who i know is a mac user if the same commands would work in Mac Terminal and he said they should. I cant figure out how to compile the file. for this example the filename is


    we were given the code g++ sawTooth.cpp -o sawTooth

    in order to compile the file. i am trying to type this into terminal but i get a response that g++ is not a recognized command. if anyone could help with ways to compile a file that would be great
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    That's because you have to install the GNU C Compiler on your Mac before you can compile anything.

    Download the latest verison of XCode Tools (for free) from http://developer.apple.com
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    when i go to that site and look for xcode, the only thing i see is a xcode 2.4.1 which states that it is free for ADC members only, is it possible that i am viewing the wrong thing
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    Guess you missed the "Sign up for free ADC online membership" ad in the corner.

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    GCC comes with Xcode.

    There is a free level of ADC membership. You give them your email address and click through an EULA.
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    i found that thanks. thanks for the help
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    i don't think xcode tools are necessary on linux. try gcc, g++, c++ etc.....depending on what compiler u are using.

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