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Help With FCP 4.0

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by LilShants, Sep 10, 2005.

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    I've been editing on Final Cut 4.0 for about a month now, and just yesterday it won't open. Upon opening, it says "the application final cut pro has unexpectedly quit" continually. Anyone have ideas on what might be wrong? I tried reinstalling the program, but it didn't work. Thanks for help.
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    yeah i'm an idiot, i just had to unplug my external mic. whoops.
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    That still shouldn't crash FCP. I have noticed though that FCP likes to crash at possibly the most inconvienient times on a G4. Fix permissions and see if it fixes your mic error. If you edit shorts or anything like that i'd be interested in seeing some of your work.Best of luck and happy editing!

    http://operationorange.org if you wanna see an episode I did (It's broken into 5 parts.)
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    It really does like to do random things at the worst times. I checked out your site, interesting shorts. They're pretty funny. None of my work is online, but thanks for asking. I do have some music online you can check out if you're bored at myspace. I fixed permissions and unplugged the mic, and it's been working fine since then. So I guess I'm just going to avoid using the mic for now.

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    Rod Rod

    Have you run software update and gotten the free upgrade to FCP 4.5? That might solve the random crashing problem, assuming you're using 4.0 right now.
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    Trash ur FCP user preferences and relaunch it.

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