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help with iPod warrantie....

Discussion in 'iPod' started by snakelda, Apr 22, 2006.

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    ok....someone posted a link where you could get your headphones replaced as long as you had a warranty.My question is....is it like Gamestop?When your PS2 breaks,you return it and your warrantie is gone since you used it once.....or can I get those headphones and still have my warranty?
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    I'd guess that your warranty is still valid for the physical iPod itself, since that's not being replaced. As for the headphones, my guess is that their warranty would start over once they've been replaced. Seems fair to me.
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    I believe that your warranty is for 1 year (unless you got extended applecare, then 3 years), and anytime within that period, you can get new headphones, and i think multiple times. best thing to do would be to go down to a store and ask/do it.
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    Apples warranty, if i remember correctly, is in your 1 year warranty, one item exchnage type, and 90 days technical support. Now if you have 3 year warranty, that is unlimited 'till it runs out (warranty) so get a warranty, and you can your iPod, headphones, dock (if it came with one) all replaced and not pay a dime. (but of course only if its falty).

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