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Help with my current set up?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by csjxx, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Just wondering if anyone can help me with my current set up. At the moment I have-

    Living Room:
    Samsung UE40C6530U TV
    Sony Playstation 3
    Amstrad Sky HD Box
    2x LaCie 1tb External HD

    Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Disc Player

    Just wondering if anyone can help me on how I can incorporate my 2 external hard drives onto a network system so I can watch the movies on both tv's?
    Also if theres a way to connect them to my network so i can just move files from my macbook onto the hard drives without having to plug them in?
    At the moment the hard drives are plugged into the Samsung TV USB.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your bedroom setup isn't able to access them wirelessly I think, you would need to hook your MacBook or other computer/device to it. If your router has an USB port, then you may be able to make them NAS and access them everywhere with your MacBook and PS3 but you still need something for bedroom I think
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    No the Hard drives only have usb ports, thats why I have plugged them directly into the TV and the Sky TV router only has ethernet connections...

    The blue ray player has ethernet connection and usb if that helps?
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    Have you tried plugging them to the Blu-Ray player's USB? It might work (see manual). You can't set them up wirelessly though as your bedroom lacks a device that can access them wirelessly

    To watch movies from both externals on both TVs you would need a new router and a device (e.g. low-end computer) for your bedroom that can access the HDs wirelessly
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    Yeah it would work if I plugged the hard drives in but thats what I wanted to avoid, as they are externally powered and means pulling all the cables out every time...

    Would it work if I purchased a airport express and plugged the ethernet cable in the express and hard drives in the usb?

    I just want to try and network the system into my wireless home system and 2 TV's...
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    Nope, Airport Express does printer sharing but not hard disk sharing.

    You'd need an Airport Extreme and if that was the only use you'd probably be better off picking up a proper NAS enclosure.
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    I'm afraid your bedroom setup does not have a device that can access those HDs wirelessly. You would need e.g. Mac Mini to do that or another PS3.

    If you're fine by plugging your MacBook to your bedroom TV, then it is possible

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