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Help with nano/ipod updater please?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by munckee, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Scratch my original question. I ran ipod updater, which seemed to work fine. But iTunes still wouldn't see my ipod, then froze up. So I forcequit iTunes and ejected my iPod (which took a solid minute to leave the screen), but it's still flashing "do not disconnect". Can anyone offer some insight as to what's up with my nano??
  2. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    In iPod updater, did you choose "Restore"? ...If not, try that. :)

    PS - Restoring the iPod will erase all of it's contents, so make sure you have all your songs (& any files) on your computer.
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    Any chance that your iPod is in disk mode?
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    Thanks guys. I got the ipod restored (using the restore option). Got my Nike+ up and running and re-synched all my music, but iTunes is still locking up on me. When I go to force quit iTunes, it closes the interface window, but the triangle still shows up under iTunes in the dock.

    :mad: I want this thing to "just work"!!

    My external drive (that houses my music and some other stuff) has been making some noise lately. Any chance that a HD going bad would cause these problems?
  5. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Do you have the most recent version of iTunes?

    To check, from the iTunes menu, choose 'About iTunes' - it should say "6.0.5", or run Software update.
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    Yup, 6.0.5.
  7. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    At what point does iTunes lockup on you?
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    Seemed to lock up when trying to access the hard drive. For the moment, I think that's where my problem is. I think my drive is going south on me. I have a new on in the mail as we speak, but might need to consider a second :rolleyes:
  9. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    What happens if you disconnect the drive (quit iTunes first), and then re-launch iTunes? Does it still freeze?
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    It doesn't appear to, but then there's not much I can do to tax it without the hard drive attached.

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