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Help with new ipod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MatthewMac, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Hi, I just got my new iPod (30 GB video) and for some artists it is only copying albums over, not individual songs that I have from those artists. It is copying them over (as I can access them from Songs > but I can't access them when I go through Artists >)

    I've not had this problem before, and not with my old iPod. Any ideas?
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    OK, I'm confused. You say the songs are copying over but they don't turn up in the "artist" menu? Is this correct?

    If I were you I'd make sure that all the songs are correctly tagged, sometimes the names can be slightly different due to me typing them in differently and it will put them in totally different places.

    Make sure all of these songs are properly tagged, maybe even re-tag the offending songs and copy them back over.
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    Yes, they are copying over, and I can find them in the song list, I just can't locate them in the Artist Menu. For instance, I have Beyonce's album and a couple of random songs... yet I can only find the album tracks and not the three that I have that aren't on the album.

    I have checked the names and they are all correct. It's weird, because on this artists it doesn't go to the pre-page either where you can either go into the album or 'All' songs... it just goes straight into the album.

    EDIT: It's only happening on some artists. So far Beyonce and Celine Dion. :( EDIT AGAIN: It only happens with people I only have one album on. People I have two of (like Madonna) the non-album songs show up as it goes to the first page where you can go to 'all'.
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    Well now that's strange. I presume that there aren't too many of these songs, maybe give them an "unknown" album tag and see what happens. Or "single" or whatever.
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    I added an album to one of the un-named songs so it looks like I have two albums, and now it goes onto the page that lets you select 'all'. I just need to find if there is a setting that makes it go straight into the album, and not onto the first screen which lets you go to 'All'.
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    Hey chundles, I can barely believe it but with all the ICT sophistication of a brick, your suggestion of turning the pc off and trying again worked. One nicely burned imation CD- ( with Alfie sound track for my wife) is now burned.
    What can I say Chundles, a pleasure it has been. I think I will visit this site again. Take care dude. Go well and have a great Christmas. Many genuine thanks Buddy. Champsylove
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    Having the same problem here...weird, though, I could swear it wasn't doing this yesterday.

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