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Help with serial number process for CS4 student edition

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Diyalah, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I was wondering if anyone had recently gone through the serial number process for the student edition of CS4, and could explain to me how to do it! I need to sort it out in a hurry, because my student ID expires in a month, but I have had no end of problems already i.e.

    1. The box told me to fill in and send off a form that didn't exist.
    2. There was a piece of paper with a coupon code that had a web address where I could find instructions: these instructions told me to go to customer support portal and fill in a 'student edition order fulfillment form,' which doesn't exist either.
    3. I phoned up adobe, twice, and both times the support people clearly didn't know what I was talking about (the second time I could hear her swearing on the other end of the phone in panic....) Eventually, I was told to open a 'case,' which I did - and after sending off my details as the support people advised, I got a message saying "we believe your issue is resolved." Great, except when I followed the link to see the response the message was blank. No serial number.
    4. I sent off a case again; this was three days ago, and still no response.

    I don't know whether I'm just being really stupid and missing something important, but the instructions are so rubbish! I bought the box off amazon, because a friend had done the same thing and had no problems getting his serial number (he said he had a form with an email address to send details directly to, which I didn't get with mine.)

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated, as this product will be a £400 waste of money unless I can get adobe to give me my serial number within the next month
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    Designer Dale

    Was the box sealed in shrink wrap when you got it? If it was and had an Adobe sticker of some sort on it, you should be OK unless they changed something from CS3. Or the UK process is different. With my student (US) version of CS3 I installed the software and launched an app. It led me through the registration process using serial numbers on the DVDs. I'm pretty sure the software can only be registered once for the student versions. If it wasn't sealed, maybe some resold it on Amazon after installing and registering on another machine. I don't know Amazon's rules. Good Luck


    Edit: Yes, the instructions in the box don't make sense. There is no paper registration form so don't worry that you lost it. I talk too much, so here is the short version.

    1. Install software.
    2. Launch one program.
    3. It should say "Do you want to register now?" Click OK and follow the instructions. You need to be online to register.
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    thank you for your reply. I didn't have a serial number printed in the DVD case so couldn't install it (there was a random number stuck on the back, still don't know what that is.) In any case, my machine isn't really up to the task at the minute and I was planning to install it later in the year on a new computer, by which time my student eligibility for the discount would have run out.

    I phoned up adobe today for the third time, and was (thank god!) able to get the serial number at last. So basically what I did (in case someone looks up this post later with same problem) was to open a case listing coupon code, lot code, pn number, and with a photo of my student ID attached. I think you're supposed to also put platform and name of product (they asked me this when I called so they obv can't work it out from the codes.) Apparently they expect you to call them back to then get the serial number, but they don't actually tell you this once you've send the email.

    Quite why a professional company like adobe can't come up with a consistent process for this sort of thing is beyond me, but there you go!
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    Designer Dale

    I know what you mean about Adobe. Top of the line software and a registration process that seems to assume you have a box from them and Net access. I bought my CS3 using the school Internet connection and was going to paper register when I got the box. I didn't intend to add home Internet until I really needed it. Wound up taking my laptop to school and registering there. Like it would be too technical to have a registration PDF on the DVD or maybe email you one when the box ships...


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