Help with Upgrading to IOS 7! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by andonibmp, Sep 19, 2013.

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    I have a CDMA iphone 4 on Ios 6.1.3 that I want to upgrade to IOS 7. Its jailbroken and im not sure if thats what they used to unlock the phone from verizon or if it is factory unlocked. If I update to ios 7 I know I will lose my jailbreak but will my phone be able to connect to the network im on now? can someone please help me with the steps on how to keep my phone working on my network after an upgrade! PLEASE HELP!
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    What packages are installed in Cydia?
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    The pics attached have the list of packages I have installed

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    So long as ultrasn0w is not installed, it looks like a carrier unlock and you can upgrade (losing your jailbreak). Make sure you go into DFU mode to do it (Connect to iTunes, hold down power/home for 10 seconds, release power while holding home until pops up in iTunes.)
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    thanks, in the about section it still has verizon as the carrier. will that be a problem? is their any type of software to check what type of unlock I have. I just really want to be sure caz I know wit CDMA iphone its a bit different and I just wanna make sure I dont have to pay for an unlock again
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    What network are you using it on? As far as I know, even carrier unlocked it won't work on US GSM carriers but will work on overseas GSM carriers.
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    there is no such thing as unlocking a Verizon CDMA iphone 4. unlocking refers to the SIM card slot to be used on another GSM carrier. seeing as its not a GSM phone and doesnt have a sim card slot, the phone isnt unlocked. the phone however, could be reflashed to work on the new CDMA carrier. as asked before, which carrier is it being used on now and did you get it this way? i dont think an iphone needs to be jailbroken to be reflashed to a different CDMA carrier.
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    Hmm, good point. I forgot the 4 didn't yet have a SIM slot.

    I have no idea about CDMA reflashing. I'd guess you can never upgrade the phone.
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    i think what hes trying to ask is will he lose his reflash if he upgrades to ios 7. frankly, i dont think he will, considering he must have upgraded the OS before up to this point.
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    I thought he had a Cydia unlock. I bet he loses it...I googled and most methods appear to require SSH access to the phone and manually overwriting the carrier files. These will be replaced on update.
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    well it all depends on how the phone was flashed. if it was done using a jailbreak tweak, then he will lose it.

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