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Hey Guys I desperately need help with Logic 7

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Hyperlink, Oct 22, 2006.

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    I've just completed a 5.1 surround mix for a low budget horror movie and I'm at the bounce stage. Now I'm really stuck! Every time I go to bounce I'm told that 'the maximum file size of 2Gb has been exceeded'. Obviously the track is 1.5 hours long the usual length of a movie, so I can't understand the problem. I've tried to bounce the outputs individually but I still get the same issue. Can anyone please help?:confused:
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    if no one here can help, you may want to post over at the osxaudio Logic forum or some other Logic-centric forum.
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    Thanks for the link, i'll have a go!
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    I understand your thinking but it is quite happy to bounce three half hour sections, which is what I'm being forced to do now, what I don't understand is why it has an aversion to the full track. It is 4.4Gb of audio but that shouldn't be an issue for the 2Gig dual processor G5 should it?
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    Seems like it is a problem of the temp files being larger than 2GB, for a 5.1 project. Hope the fix this soon.
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    Damn, I've being using Logic 7.1 for over a year now, and never knew about this...guess I've never had a long enough track

    But that's BOGUS !


    when is Logic 8 gonna come out? Are they even working on this Program anymore?
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    Apparently audio for film is still treated in the same way as it used to be before digital in that studios expect to receive three half hour 'reels' as opposed to one 1.5 hour track. These reels are then put together when the film is prepared for release. Thus the 2Gb file limit. Makes sense when you think about it I suppose. I guess a 4-5Gb bounce is asking for potential errors even in realtime.
    If anyone knows any different please let me know!
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    No, no one delivers 'half hour' slices of audio for film these days. Video people work with 10GB+ files, that have audio. So a 4-5GB bounce is not a lot of data to push around. I think this is a bug in handling 2GB+ audio files. It might be more complex than appears. Looks like some others have had problems with audio files reaching 2GB:


    That's what everyone wants to know. The previous Logic developers (pre-Apple) had constant communication with the users. Since apple bought the company, there has been NO communication. :(

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