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    check out the latest brainstorm from the folks at applele


    looks like a neat idea. I don't know if apple is ready to take on the giants like sony in the camcorder buisiness, but its cool to dream.
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    site not far from truth

    everytime i go to borders, there is this book about apple industrial design and all the models that didn't make it to full production

    it is amazing what apple does not release and i am sure there are so many prototypes before a final design is ok'd for release
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    what is it called?

    Whats the name of the book? I would love to take a look at it some time.
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    Ensign Paris

    ~~~~ Book ~~~~


    Thanks for reminding me! I bought to book at MacExpo London 2000 and forgot about it, so I have just gone and dug of the bags of mindless adverts and found it!

    Its a great book, its called: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group, ISBN: 1-888001-25-9

    Guy Wickenden
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    that's it! big pictures, too!
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