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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by XcodeNewb, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I am able to hide the keyboard when the user clicks off of a uitextfield by using the [sender resignFirstResponder] command, but I want to hide it as soon as the user clicks inside the textfield. Is this possible?

    I have the uitextfield "Editing Did begin" etc etc set up to call a method and that is using the same commands ( [sender resignFirstResponder] ) but the keyboard never disappears? I can see the method is being called and the commands are being run but the keyboard just stays there.

    I want to call another method to change views when the user selects the uitextfield. The view changes but the keyboard is up and will not go away.

    Any suggestions?

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    Don't use a UITextfield for input that isn't going to let the user type in some text? Use a different mechanism, perhaps a button instead?
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    I am using the textfield to have the interface be consistent. There are other textfields they can edit but I wanted the look and feel to be the same. I thought about using a label but it may look a little odd.

    It just seems weird that I cannot force the keyboard to not show up when a user selects the textfield. There should be a "no keyboard" option for textfields.
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    Would kinda defeat the purpose of textfields then, wouldn't it?

    Have you tried disabling the textfield? You then might also need to place a transparent view over the textfield to trap the tap so that you can call your custom event.

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