hmm, how 'bout they make an iPod with AM, FM, and SW radio?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bryantm3, Feb 10, 2005.

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    why not?
    why would you want satellite radio when you could have a regular radio in your iPod?
    i enjoy regular radio more anyway.
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    Why is this in Current Events?

    There are also tons of iPod radio threads...

    ...and Short Wave? Righht...

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    Why not? How about giving it CB radio capabilities as well. 10-4 good buddy! Now that would sell
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    Heck, I want a HAM radio in there too!
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    Throw in a iMorse key for free!
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    Dr. Dastardly

    oh oh and I want it to get feeds from those giant satelite setups that monitor for aliens!!
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    C'mon A CB

    Traveling down the Interstates with your iCBPod (ok name needs work) talking to the truckers, using the integrated GPS, as well as Onstar, that would rock.
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    Feel stupid yet?

    The eighties called, they said it's time for you to come back now.
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    I want a MacGyver iPod, it can play music and pick a lock at the same time.
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    Hell yeah, SETI on the iPod! :D
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    Replying to the Post Slut Thread.

    Me too, that would rock! ;)
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    Then you would need an FCC license to use your iPod. :rolleyes:
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    Fine. Make it a real ham.... the iTastePod..... :rolleyes:
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    while we are at it...

    let's throw in a swiss army knife, an electric razor, a remote car starter/unlocker, cell phone, shoe horn, hair brush, 9mm pistol with 12 round clip, mac os x 10.4, a toaster, six handles, a stun gun, mace, stereo speakers, 802.11 Pre-N ala Belkin, a fullsize foldout keboard, dlp projection of the screen, a lawnmower, camera for video chat, air pump, free money, a kleenex dispenser, virtual pocketPC, a jetpack, cutlery, and a 250 gig seagate drive. oh and for good measure... a never-ending lollipop. mmm, iPodSicle!!!! :eek:
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Why only 250gb?
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    Lawnmower taking up the room. Duh.
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    I do personally know of a few people who have purchased portable music players other than the iPod because they support AM/FM radio and the iPod doesn't. Personally, I wouldn't mind having AM/FM support.

    And i know this is off topic, but I would have loved having Sirius or XM support in the iPod. I would have upgraded from my Mini to a Sirius supporting iPod and subscribed to Sirius.
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    I think that is actually more on topic.
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    everyone else is being condescending and mean.
    there is nothing wrong with having FM and AM radio. XM is stupid.
    i want to be able to listen to the atlanta area NPR 90.1, listen to the Georgia State University Radio 98.5, listen to the classic rock stations 92.9 and 96.1, and occasianally listen to the newer rock station 99.7.
    i don't want pre-programmed stations with no people on them. there's no human touch. i don't want NPR from washington DC. i want to listen to John Lemley's Tapestry on sunday night and listen to Prarie Home Companion. XM is too controlled and inhuman. i really dislike a lot of newer technology, and XM is one thing i can't stand.
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    Yes, we are.

    My sincere apologies for my participation in that. We were having fun at your expense but it wasn't as nasty as some threads get around here. It wasn't personally abusive... It was just the Short Wave comment that did it for me... just really odd.

    Anyway, I disagree & agree with you. XM is a US or North American thing, it would have no appeal to international iPodders. But I also wouldn't want to see AM/FM on an iPod either... I wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases a model like that but I wouldn't buy it.
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    Sorry 'bout that, but you did make a request that was pretty stupid if you look back on it. AM/FM is fine, but ShortWave? And then you posted it in the wrong forum (current events isn't the place to dump this).

    And I like XM-- like having a giant iPod shuffle in a way. And the music channels are commercial free.

    So sorry about what I said but you also did some things that were, well, not quite as intelligent as I bet you could have.
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    FM Radio bites. I might as well just put together a playlist of 10 tracks and put it on shuffle & repeat. And it would be commercial-free.
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    tried listening to other radio stations?

    there are radio stations here in atlanta that play things once a month.
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    XM radio was always a no go for the ipod, i've said it before and i'll say it again: they're not going to include a feature that ONLY works in america, because it's a worldwide product.

    AM/SW radio no because it's always crap reception with a built in antenna (can you see them ever putting an unsightly telescopic antenna on an ipod? nooooo!)

    FM maybe, but its not a great asset to something like the ipod. people buy them because they're simple, look great and sound great. they want to be able to carry around their music collections. if they want to listen to the radio let them do it in their cars, or with a bloody radio player...
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    Haha yea, so then you can have the RIAA and the FBI on your arse :rolleyes:

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