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Hold Switch Idea for iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Zwhaler, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago I came up with a cool idea for the hold switch on the iPod. Check this out. For me, the most common reason why I use the hold button is so when it is in my pocket the volume won't accidently be turned up to full and scare the hell out of me. I have never had problems with the buttons being pushed accidently or anything like that, even with hold off. So I thought that maybe there could a third Hold option, where instead of cutting off all the buttons from being used, it will only make it so volume can't be changed. That way when my iPod is in my pocket, I can change the song without taking it out, but don't have to worry about the volume unexpectedly changing. What do you think?
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    I've thought of this before too, because its an absolute pain when a take my iPod out and have to turn the hold switch to off before I could do anything.

    They could probably do this in an iPod updater and call it a 'Volume Lock'.
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    They don't have a volume lock, but the most recent ipod update had a thing where you could set your ipod so the volume couldn't go higher than a certain point. Maybe a volume lock will come in the next update
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    buy a remote?
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    Indeed. Why complicate matters? Get a free radio too.
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    They do have a volume limiter now.
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    the issue isn't a limiter, the OP wanted an option that the volume wouldn't change it's position but allow him to use the controls of the iPod... very good idea though. I use the hold for the same reason, but i hardly would call it a hassle to take my iPod out of my pocket to change a song.
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    I actually think this is a pretty good idea, or at least some option that lets you hold certain aspects and not others.
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    I instinctively flick hold back on whenever I finish with the controls on my iPod, for mostly this purpose. Volume hold would be nice, but it's not really that much of a needed feature for me. The hold button works fine, as I usually adjust volume a lot more than I use controls.
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    Does anybody besides me want a shuffle switch on the outside of the ipod?
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    Sorry but I REALLY don't want one.
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    i'd LOVE one; in fact, i started a thread with the idea a couple months ago.
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    My only problem with that is the the case that my iPod is in is some sort of rubber, and if rather difficult to constantly take in and out of my pocket, but I can push the buttons through my pocket, but I just dont want it to change the volume.

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