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How are Techforless refurbs?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Himynamesnoah, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I'm looking to buy a 13.3 MacBook Air from the, and it seems like a good deal.
    I just want to know how are their refurbs, and why doesw it only come with a 90-day warranty? Apple's is 1 year?
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    That's because that's a 3rd party vendor, not Apple. Those aren't Apple Certified Refurbished Products. I wouldn't recommend any refurbished Mac, except one from the Apple Refurb Store, which is the only place to buy Apple Certified Refurbished Products. They aren't available anywhere else.
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    Is it not worth the risk? It's $773 for a 4gb ram, i5, 128gb, 13.3"
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    That's for you to decide. I wouldn't risk it, but you may choose to.
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    I wouldn't do it myself but if you do make sure you get Applecare. Unless there's been water damage, you're covered for most problems. (You won't know if there's been previous water damage unless you take it apart and check all the sensors)
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    Last years refurb model with C2D is $899. At $773 I would be very skeptical.
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    Can you get Applecare from a Apple Product that is sold by a 3rd party vender?
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    Epic Xbox Revie

    If you plan on keeping it for three years, get it from techforless and get applecare. If you plan on keeping it for less, get it from Apple.
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    Yes, as long as it's within the first year (since it was activated, not since you bought it). If it's an i5 MBA then it's obviously still within the first year. However, I'll again note that water damage is not covered. If you need a repair and Apple sees a water damage sensor triggered then you're out of luck. Since this refurb is not sold by Apple, there's no guarantee on past water damage.

    Apple is always happy to take your money.
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