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How Bout This For A G5 Case Design

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zuggerat, Jun 19, 2003.

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    how bout this for a pretty case design for the upcoming G5...i'd buy it
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    Thats a very nice garbage can, but where's the computer? ;)

    What about expandability? What if I want to put another CDRW/DVD player in it or something. How about USB and FW800 at the front of the machine?
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    moderator warning...

    Personal attacks WILL NOT be tolerated on this site.
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    i need a new trash can anyways. i thought this was a post about new g5 case? or does the g5 have a dual-purpose case:

    half computer, half trash can. hell yea.
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    Sun Baked

    I don't see an Intel Inside sticker


    Trash can...

    I thought we were getting a G5 processor from IBM, not a x86 processor from Intel or AMD.

    If you design a trash can, at least remember to put an Intel Inside sticker on the front instead of an Apple logo.
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    that is very nice bit of work, compliments on the design. could be carbon fibre body, and polished nickel plated handles , slick indeed.

    not everyone want a PC like bunch of crap hanging off the front of their computer.

    and didnot you mothers tell you, if you can't say anything nice, *******P!
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    Now that looks like an Ive design! First of the speculation pics that comes close. Personally, I kinda like it!

    The cheesgrater on the top would certainly make cooling more efficient. Looks small too!
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    All of you who say trash can, where are you from? I'm 31, had 6+ residence and I'm currently a home owner and have NEVER seen or ONWED a rectangular trash can. All of my trash cans are cylinders or tall squarish shaped rectangular height-wise not width-wise.

    I know you are being sarcastic but I don't see the relevance and therefore it's not funny. I happen to like the design.
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    I replied on the other thread with the same pic, and my judgement is still the same. This thing looks really cool, I love the simplicity in the design and the colors. I just wish I could buy one of these things but until I finally finish school in about a year, gotta stick to laptops.
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    I like the design!

    Canada eh. I had a Goofy trash can that was rectangular when I was a kid. And I've seen many kitchen trash cans that are rectangular.

    That being said, I think this is a nice design. I didn't think trash can when I saw it, I thought G4 Cube meets G4 Quicksilver. Nice!
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    My post was deleted because I said you shouldn't personally attack people :(

    I like it, it looks nice but its missing another optical drive.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    face it this machine looks great, i also notice there has been 2 post of this machine ,one slightly taller -say maybe for the pro a 1.8 giger and more expansion and for the home hobbyist gamer like me a shorter version say a 1.4???
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    please move out of the way, photoshop experts coming in :D let us know what you think.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hey ijon, you think this could be it?
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    i probably didnt phrase that right. i was basically signalling the photoshop users to tell us there thoughts, i know how to use photoshop, but no expert. personally i feel it looks awesome.

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    Mr. Anderson

    This is more than just photoshop - its a 3D rendering - nice one too - probably using radiosity. But it is a fake (Apple doesn't use black backgrounds) and there isn't any indication of 'options' for the drives - just a smooth front.

    And no USB/Firewire/Speaker as well....

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    yeah never really though about it, does look pretty though.

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    Re: How Bout This For A G5 Case Design

    This same image was posted on Spymac months ago. Move along. Nothing to see here.
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    it's gotta have at least two optical drive spots. i would not buy another tower without two spots. ugh...what a hassle sometimes.
  21. Mal
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    I think it looks great, although it would need some more expansion than is obvious. But it may not be too far off.

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    I agree with ^^.

    @Zuggerat: I don't even know what you wrote about me in your reply back, but I was joking. I actually DO have a garbage bin under my sink in my kitchen that's the same grey colour as your machine. Same shape as well. I didn't actually insult your design. That's why I added the symbol after my garbage can statement --- it was a joke. Sometimes I wonder about this place...

    Its great. I can only hope that Apple releases a machine that looks that good. I'm being serious. No smiley face. See? Also, no smiley face in front of my comment about the lack of multiple optical drive locations, or FW800/USB ports. They CAN be stuck near the bottom of the front face and not look ugly, as long as it has a face plate that can cover it up when not being used.
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    Re: I don't see an Intel Inside sticker

    omg do you people have NO imagination whatsoever???? i feel sorry for you...

    the case looks like what is commonly reffered to as a trash can, which is usually where your trash goes. the design resembles a trash can heavily.

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    I'd rather keep the old-school case, or have that other square fake one. Thumbs down. This case lacks elegance.
  25. job
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    It looks like a really fancy paper shredder. ;) :D

    If it's a 'pro' tower though, I think there should be at least two optical drives.

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