how can I learn the "codename" of my Powerbook

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by toughboy, Jun 14, 2004.

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    I see people writing the codenames of their computers at the end of their specs like "oldschool" "quicksilver" and etc, and this is something that I'm curious + jealous of..

    I've got a 12" 867mhz PB with usb 1.1 only, what is my codename, how can I learn it??

    thanks in advance
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    :D :D , bad luck, you have to have usb2.0 to get a codename..
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    Good question - I've heard the name "Little Al" bandied about (as opposed to "Big Momma" for the 17" Rev A 1GHz Powerbook), but I don't know if it's the code name. As far as I know, it's simply the 12-inch Powerbook 867MHz (aka Rev A 12" Powerbook), but I'm as curious as you are... certainly it would be interesting if the different revisions had different codenames...
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    I beleive the codename for the original 12" powerbook is "Thresher".

    MacTracker is cool free little program that gives all kinds of information on macs. (
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    Yes, it is thresher.

    Mac Tracker has the code names of all Macs in quotes under their description. It is an awsome program.
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    wow, there is really a code name. n i thought it was a fantasy post :eek:
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    Wow, that's really cool!! Thanks for pointing me to that little program :)
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    well... then, what does "thresher" mean?? :)
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    yeah its free... but did someone say little??? :) come on man it's 8.5 mbs, what are you using, satellite?? :p
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    No problem, it is such a neat/usefull program. It has even earned a place in my dock. :)

    Oops, I forgot! I have been without 56k for almost a year now.

    BTW, I was thinking thresher meant something like "small yet powerfull" ;)
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    #12 says...

    Merriam-Webster/my mom told me a thresher is:

    "a machine for separating grain crops into grain or seeds and straw".
    (No, merriam-webster is not my mother. lol. She grew up on a farm!)

    Why that's a computer name, couldn't tell ya. My guess is "thresher" just sounds cool. :p
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    Thresher is also the name of a type of shark. Maybe apple likes to code name their powerbooks after sharks? (the 17" powerbook was code named "Hammerhead")

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