How can i save the preview form iTMS

Discussion in 'iPod' started by KKKL, Jul 24, 2005.

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    i want a song form iTMS and it is only 22 second
    so i think just downloading the preview will be ok
    i know a software can do that but i forget its name
    who knows?
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    It's obviously not ok. Since when is stealing dependent on the size of the thing?

    Oh, and I don't think there's a way to save a preview. And above might be the reason why, don't you think?
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    Google Audio Hijack
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    there is probably a way lol, but.... its only 99 cents.... lol, i know thats worth more in china then it is in the US... but still!!!!

    Anyways just google it, or just stick a recorder onto your headphone output if you have one...
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    wiretap pro from ambrosia software lets you record nearly any audio on your mac.
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    I second wiretap, but can't vouch for legality.
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    I would agree, but the guy's sig seems to suggest a windoze user.
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    Any free solutions for this one?
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    I'll almost bet you it doesn't preview the whole song, even if it's shorter than 30 seconds. Also, it takes a pretty low thief to try and steal $.99.
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    As long as you don't use any advanced features (none of which they had in the original freebie version), you can use it as long as you want without restrictions for free. In fact, that's pretty much what Ambrosia told me when I found out the freebie version doesn't work with 10.4.
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    nah i don't want to get anything off ITMS..pretty much worthless...i want a piece of software that will record what is being played on my mac...just audio..
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    This seems like quite a bit of trouble for 22 seconds. How is this 22 second song good enough to justify downloading programs and starting a thread to steal it, but not worth $0.99? :confused:
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    Yes it does seem ridiculous, just spend $15 to get a program that will record the audio for free and you can save yourself 99¢.
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    OK, downloading previews is doable, without using Wiretap or similar. You can download them "digitally". But it may be illegal so I'm closing the thread.
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