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How cool would this be...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by teabgs, Mar 30, 2003.

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    A Blutetooth remote control for iTunes. with a little display to show, current song playing, band etc, just like iTunes.

    and you wouldnt even need to plug it in. And it'd have volume, Rev, FFW, Pause/play, stop on it.

    maybe even browsing capabilities.

    Possibly even support for other apps...?

    Oh man, that'd be sweet!
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    I would buy it. Assuming the price was reasonable...
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    that would be insanley cool...if only my computer supported bluetooth without an adaptor
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    that would be bitchin, and you could also use it as a remote for the DVD player. I really want something like that, maybe there will be a plugin for that Sony Ericsson bluetooth phone app that is out there right now so that you can see the song on the phones display! That would be tight. But I think that a smaller, much, much thinner iPod looking remote would be sweet, and you could like stream the playlist and song information to the remote, so it would look just like an iPod's interface, but the music would play through your mac. I think it would be cool if it was as thin as that Bose remote for the wave radio speaker things. My friend has like a $1000 speaker system with one of those remotes and the remote alone would make me buy the whole system!!!

    I like your idea, it sounds cool!
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    I imagine that with a bit of programming knowledge, this can be done with a bluetooth equipped PDA. You just need to setup an AppleScript or something so that the PDA can see what's going on in iTunes, and control iTunes from a custom made app for the PDA.

    Although a little remote would be cool too...

    As long as it's thin, made of aluminum, and doesn't look cheesey, I'd buy it.

    Edit: and even with a cell phone!!!
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    Sun Baked

    I think I the Apple commercials for the pNote and these Macintosh Jr. make the products looks cool.

    Almost as cool as a remote for a portable Apple product that happens to be just as big as some of the new multifunction remotes being sold today. ;)

    But I can see the people using the remote to control the computer they are currently typing on or using it for the iPod they are carrying around... :p
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    it's kinda sad that there isnt such a device (and I don't have the knowledge to build/program one)

    Now I really want it....and I'm willing to put money aside for it, ARGH!!!!

    Seriously though, to get something like this, I fugure I'd buy the bluetooth adapter and then this would be about $100-150...sound right?

    Maybe even have it be like 4"x5" and have the iTunes visuals show on that, like if you're at work or something and need to be working on your computer, but still want it on....or you could play your dvd on it so it's small and the boss wont see...but the DVD is actually played on the computer...

    Or have it w/ iPhoto to randomly fade between pics in an album...
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    It just makes too much sense...

    It really is brilliant. Then again the most brilliant truths and the most profound solutions are the most obvious ones which most people can't even see. Keep that noggin' going! Great! Great!
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    the home pod is great, i recomend it. its a winner.
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    Do you have one? How far away from the stereo does it actually work from?

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    ok guys a bit of information on the home pod.....

    HomePod is a digital stereo component that allows users to take advantage of their existing wireless network to beam MP3 files stored on their Macs or PCs to devices located anywhere in the house. HomePod was announced at the MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco from Jan. 7-10, 2003.

    And as far as distance, well its 9 meters away mate.

    and works like a dream.
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    oh and what can i say i have a big bedroom its in a countryhouse just incase ur interested its a house in the uk kind of the size of a monor house so my tech stuff is spread out the room thats why i need somthing like this. hehe
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    A toilet in the bedroom... sound more like a London studio flat than a Manor House. :D

    - pinks
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    Re: How cool would this be...

    doesn't the sony ericsson clicker do somewhat the same thing??? it's a start anyways even if it doesn't do all that.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its a good idea, but its still not a fully developed technology. There are so many applications that this could be used for, but there are also some issues, cost, battery, security (one remote shouldn't operate all iPods, there would need to be a key that allows the iPod to recognize only 'its' remote).

    And since there are a lot of controls you want to see, as well as song display, etc., that's pretty hefty. It would have to start out as a simple on/off, volume, next song, previous song, pause, etc. The display would have to be in a future generation.

    Also, I don't know the specs, but the powersupply might be a tough one too.

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    well, Apple has had remote for their computers YEARS ago. I have one for my PowerMac 6500 that conrolled on/off Volume, change cd tracks, play/pause and stop.

    if you start off with minimal support for applications, like just the iApps, I don't see why it wouldnt be possibly if you take that, iPod, and some other technologies and mix em together.

    I'm not saying it's feasible for an independant developer, but for Apple, if they wanted to, they could do it...maybe not have dvd's play on it, but just text shouldnt be too unreasonable.
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    Why not make the *iPod* the remote? You already have the display and all the scrollwheel goodness. A firmware update could allow the iPod LCD screen to show a "Now Playing" from iTunes, or the current channel on your eyeTV or whatever you want.

    Now, this probably wouldnt be worth the money if thats ALL you got, but imagine... you could also do iSync over the bluetooth to the iPod. I dont think I would want to transfer my MUSIC via bluetooth, but I would love it if my contacts and calendar were automatically updated whenever my iPod came near either my iBook or PowerMac. If you have two computers like this, you could keep address book and ical in sync with each other without .mac! And of course there are cool apps like the one for sony/ericsson t68i that will do all sorts of fun things like start a tune when the phone comes into range...

    Just a thought... i know id buy one
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    The issue with the iPod is the bluetooth support really....But the technology IS there....it's just a matter of putting it together.

    this wouldnt be as much $$$ as an iPod cause it doesnt need a drive for storage in it...

    and the Phone app is cool....but Im not gonna spend $300 for a phone and then buy a bluetooth adapter so I can use it as a remote.

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