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How do I add RAM to an LCIII?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by northernleitz, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I'm tinkering with an LCIII, getting ready to sell it. I have three 16MB modules for this type of computer. Do they have to go in matched pairs? And should I attempt adding RAAM without an ESD mat, or would anyone recommend using one? I know most newer Apples have installed protection against ESD for minor upgrades but am not sure about the older Apples. Finally, is there an easy way to get the case open and access the RAM?
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    uh, i think there are only two slots. It is very easy, Lift up the back cover and go ahead.No need for matched pairs.
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    Yes, 72 pin SIMMs are installed in pairs

    The easy way (and the only way I know of) is to lift on the two thumb tabs on the back-top of the case and rotate the upper case forward and off. You'll have full access to the logic board, which should be pretty simple in it's layout.

    The one thing you should remember is that these systems need to have the logic board reset after installing RAM. I don't recall if the LCIII has a reset button, but unplugging the system and removing the battery for about 30 seconds should do the trick.
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    Errr.. you sure we talking about the same machine?

    The LC III has ONE memory socket. It has a maximum of 36 Mb RAM (4 Mb built in, plus a 32 Mb 72-pin SIMM.

    Mandatory matched pairs with 72-pin RAM didn't reappear until the PowerMac 6100/7100/8100 machines IIRC. The larger Quadras could take advantage of matched pairs but it wasn't forced.

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    You're right... I was thinking of the logic board in the LCII while remembering that the LCIII used the 72 pin SIMMs.

    Good catch!
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    36 megs of ram... Don't spend it all at once! :D
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    The biggest module I have been able to find is 16MB, so I'll be limited to 20MB... a full ten percent of the hard drive capacity. I should be able to launch every program on the hard drive with that kind of memory!

    Thanks for all the advice, folks.
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    I've been the victim of bad invetorying. The extra RAM I found said LCIII on the box, but it contained 72-pin SIMMS instead of the required 68-pin. In addition to the LCIII, I also have five Centris 610s, three Power Macintosh 5200/75 LCs, and a Color Classic. Will the 72-pin RAM work with any of these?

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