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How do I create midi files for logic

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by snerkler, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I have some sounds in WAV and MP3 that I'd like to use with Logic Instruments such as ESX24. I assume in order to use these with this I need to convert my files into midi. How do I do this, and then how do I get the ESX24 to recognise/find these midi files?
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    MP3 and WAV are fine. In ESX you get to assign a audio file to every note or "pitch" and to every velocity level. You can assign one file to several of these and ESX will scale or pitch shift it for you

    Converting to MIDI would not work at all. MIDI files do not contain audio.
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes I misunderstood MIDI, and have figured out how to add the sample to the instrument. The trouble is that as the pitch is shifted higher, the speed of the sample increases. Now whilst this is generally what happens, the rate in which is happens is quite extreme. Apparently I need to learn how to multisample :confused: It really is a steep learning curve :eek:
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    Yes. You never want to let EXS pitch shift your sample more then a few semi-tones. Next you find you don't like the way it scales velocity so you need samples for 3 or 5 velocities for each note. If you are sampling a grand piano you can have hundreds of samples.

    One useful tool is that thing in Logic that will adjust the pitch without changing the speed. You can process you samples with that if need be
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    Thanks for this info. Would you mind explaining what that "thing" is in logic please?
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    Well yesterday I finally had the time to hook up my Korg keyboard, and strangely if I play play the sample in ESX24 using the keyboard rather than manually inputting them in the ESX24 piano scroll the sample plays flawlessly throughout the entire range of the keyboard, with no change in speed. Does anyone know why this might be?

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