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How do I create two different iCloud accounts?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by ICON5o2, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Me and my fiance share one iTunes account. My question is how do we set up two different iCloud accounts? I went to Me.com and it had me log in with my Apple ID. Once I did that I didnt see anything else on how to create another account.
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    Set them up separately on your iDevices or assuming you have Lion 10.7.2, there is an iCloud panel where you can create multiple IDs
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    Well I wish I had a Mac but unfortunately I'm using Windows Vista. I'm signed in with my Apple ID on my iPhone. I setup a mobile me account awhile back for find my iPhone. I used the same email account for my Apple ID and the Mobile Me account. It's a aol email account.

    Can I just make a new one or what should I do?
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    ICON- I have the same problem here. I would be interested in a solution as well.
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    On your device, assuming one is set up for iCloud already, go into Settings>Mail, Calendar, etc. Add an iCloud account. When it asks for credentials, look at bottom of screen and it will allow you to create a new applied for iCloud.
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    why not have seperate itunes accounts? you can still share all your apps/music if its on the same computer (or more if you enable home sharing).
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    Do you mean that two apple ID accounts can share apps on one device as long as they are both on the same computer?
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