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How do I disable isight?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by ryanrb9291, Apr 21, 2013.

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    I have an imac with mountain lion installed on it and I want to remove the isight feature completely. I know I could put duct tape over it but that doesn't help me much, I want so that beyond reinstalling the OS isight cannot be used. I would rather not go into the details as of why, I am just looking for some help.

    Google seems to be of no use as all the solutions I find on this topic do not appear to work with mountain lion. I deleted the files below as instructed from various sources and isight still works.


    Any help?

    Thanks in advance
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    This work? It does not say to delete the files.
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    You do know that the little green light comes on when the camera is active, so you can't be filmed without your knowledge? It's highly unlikely that anyone can hack your Mac remotely to turn on the camera and view the footage.

    If you think that someone with physical access to the machine is trying to film you unawares, then you've got bigger problems than can be fixed by disabling the camera in software.

    Best of luck
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    Why would you want to disable the built in camera, it does not hurt anything by it being there? If you fear that someone can remotely turn it on, that is ridiculous.

    If you're that paranoid, remember to disable the built in microphone, someone may be recording the audio.
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    Maybe the person is setting it up for a business or school.
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    Could the OP use the Tonymacx86 Multibeast utility?

    This may allow him to keep the kernel module associated with the webcam from loading at start up thereby disabling the webcam.

    Just a thought.

    I would suggest calling Apple, but their tech support for matters more complex that how to use Finder is worthless.
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    Sounds fishy.. Why do you need to disable the FT camera? I know how to disable it on ML. Simply by modifying IOHIDFamily.kexts. I will need a valid reason before ill send you the files to replace.
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    Grab this AppleScript and run it. It'll lock the camera so that nothing can access it. I use it and it works well.

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    Does OS X have something analogous to blacklist in Linux? If yes, then you simply blacklist the kernel module for the webcam.
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    The script linked to by jasonvp works on my older OS X.

    Another option would be to
    1. Browse to
    (Computer Name)/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreMediaIOServices.framework/Versions/A/Resources/

    2. Within that folder find the folder VDC.plugin
    3. Copy VDC.plugin to a location of your choice for safe keeping
    (for example, copy it to a new folder at /Desktop/backup of VDC-plugin )
    4. Move the original VDC.plugin to the trash
    Doing this has essentially the same effect as what the script does, albeit in a much cruder fashion.

    You can verify that this works immediately. As soon as you move the original VDC.plugin to the trash, open Photo Booth. You should see an error message saying that no camera is available.
    If you want to restore the ability to use the built-in webcam, copy your back-up copy back to its original location (indicated above). Photo Booth should work as before now.

    (Other methods for disabling the webcam that have been suggested in various blog posts, such as deleting QuickTimeUSBVDCDigitizer.component or AppleUSBVideoSupport.kext, failed with my hardware and version of OS X.)
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    The advice (move the driver files...) does not work.

    I noted the exact same advice given on various web sites. They usually instruct you to verify that the camera is no longer functioning by opening FaceTime. Hello! The only thing they accomplished was to block FaceTime from getting to the camera! Every other app can still use the camera! How do I know. I deleted FaceTime. I only have one app that can use the camera (Quicktime) and it sure enough can locate and use the camera. :eek:

    Any suggestions that actually work other than removing the camera or placing a sticker over it?
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  14. Linuxpro, May 13, 2015
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    My final fix!

    I can show my MacBook to the guard. He will let me take it inside that data center now!

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