How do I get a .com address?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by hikeNM, Apr 10, 2006.

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    All you experienced web developers out there, don't stone me, but....

    I have a webpage through .mac(I've built with Dreamweaver.) How can I get a .com address that will direct to my .mac address? Obviously I know I have to purchase a domain, but how can I make that domain point to my .mac address?

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    Many (most? all?) hosts will allow you to mirror, redirect, or otherwise allow visitors to your .com site to see your .mac one. It's something to ask before getting yourself a host (and most here recommend registering the site name with someone other than the host to avoid possible issues). However, why? Why not just use the .com address?
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    there are many others, i find godaddy good because of it's price and better than most customer service. any just google for more domain registers if you want another one.

    jsw advice still stands though.
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    Did you mean, "why not use the .mac address?"
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    No, actually i was wondering why you'd get a .com address and then just use it to redirect traffic to your .Mac account... but I suppose I am also curious as to why you wouldn't just use the .Mac one in the first place!

    I'm not trying to say you should do anything in particular - I'm just curious. :)
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    I use my web page to communicate with my family while I'm away from home. It's way easier for the url to be than when my grandmother has to remember it.
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    Well, I can't guarantee it'll be easy to remember, but will let you get a small URL to link to your account - and it's free. Otherwise, consider buying a domain name and asking someone from MR to host it for you, as all it'll be is a redirect to the .Mac site (i.e., virtually no bandwidth whatsoever!).

    And, of course, there are always bookmarks. ;)
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    Yea, bookmarks are great until you have to tell someone what your url is over the phone or something. The shorter the better.

    I'll check out


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