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How do I get rid of those Store links?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by cv01, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Where is the option to turn those link arrows off in iTunes 8?
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    I looked, couldn't find a way.
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    First thing I noticed when I went back to list view (which isn't even list view anymore, not sure what the obsession with album artwork is).
    They are so ugly and I don't purchase iTunes music, so I don't want to have links everywhere to the store.

    *edit* Just saw that you can remove the artwork in list view in view menu
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    Yeah, I cannot find a way either, this must be a "feature" of the moronic genius in itunes.
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    Sky Blue

    Yup, I want to remove these suckers too :mad:
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    I have genius turned off and they still show up...
    There was an option to disable them in 7.7. :mad:
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    Yes, that hack still works
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    So this works with Mac OS, but what about Windows? :confused:
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    Where do you see these? I don't see anything that looks like that on my iTunes.
    List view looks exactly the same as it did in iTunes 7.7.1. I don't know what you're seeing.
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    If you tick 'Disable: iTunes Store' in the parental preferences then the arrows go away.

    However you can't browse the iTunes store then obviously. Since I rarely do I can live with turning it on manually when required.
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    people seem to call the browser mode "list view"

    it's causing a decent amount of confusion in these threads.
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    Sky Blue

    That's what it's called.

    View > As List
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    but the browser, under View > Show/Hide Browser

    is what we are trying to remove the genre from.
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    anyone know how to get rid of the genre list in the "browser" in iTunes 8, cuz before i updated i had removed it somehow now i cant find an option to do it anymore. is this Apple forcing us to use genres, cuz i dont, and its annoying having it there
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    open terminal, and paste - defaults write com.apple.itunes show-genre-when-browsing -bool FALSE

    then restart itunes.

    to remove the links to the music store put - defaults write com.apple.iTunes show-store-arrow-links -bool FALSE
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    sorry i mean for windows
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    Easy if you mean this:

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    We're talking about iTunes 8. That screen is from iTunes 7.7
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    Sky Blue

    No, it's not. Browser has got nothing to do with it. Look at the screenshot in the OP.
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    thank you.
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    Yeah, thanks a ton. Can the same be applied to removing the Genius sidebar eyesore?

    EDIT: for cripe's-sake, its that damn little button next to the Genius button. Gaack, iTunes is still my favorite media player, but it is becoming too much like winamp circa 2002 for me. a bit bloated and changing too often. For example, I just discovered some indecipherable "Cache" folder inside the Album Artwork folder. Previous to that I had been wondering where my 300 mg of disk space had disappeared to.
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    There's still a list view, that's the only view I use. Try clicking the triangle next to the top of the artwork column. ;)

    EDIT: My bad, you figured it out already.
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    Is there a way to get rid of genre/composer whilst in grid view?

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