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how do i install rosetta?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sbb155, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I am working with filemaker pro 11 on my MBA. It puts up the following message:
    This operation requires that the Rosetta system component be installed on Intel-based Mac OS X. To install it, select the appropriate optional install option from the Mac OS X installer.

    How do install rosetta, no pop up comes to download it????
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    click install and it should download it for you. rosetta is in Leopard, but not imcluded in Snow Leopard.
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    there is no "click to install"
    it just states what i wrote in the first post, but no option to install it...
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    Hmm, I wonder whether the developer is being sneaky and popping up a custom "need Rosetta" message instead of using Apple's one.

    There's probably an "Optional Installs" icon on the USB install stick that came with your system. Rosetta should be in there.
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    you're right, it is the developer's pop up, not apple
    i dont want to reinstall osx, this is frustrating
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    yes it is - it's to be found on your install dvd/usb

    easiest way though is to ensure you have an internet connection then launch something like MacTheRipper.
    you'll then be advised that you need Rosetta to run this app and may SW Update download it for you ;)
    then you'll be good to go with FMPro 11
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    Does "Optional Installs" not work on an MBA?
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    I installed Rosetta on my 13" 2010 air to play the computer game Warcraft 3 with my kids. I didn't have to use a disc. It was an auto download type of deal.
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    Mount your snow leo install disk, Finder > Go > Got to Folder > /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/, launch the rosetta package, install, be happy.
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    You don't need to reinstall OS X. Installing the Rosetta component won't require an OS install. Just try it.
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    no Rosetta on 10.6 Air install drive

    The installation stick on my Macbook Air (2010 11" Snow Leopard) appears to not contain Rosetta.
    These is no directory below /System other than Library (no System/Installation/Packages), nor does "ls -R|fgrep oset" find anything. /Packages contains only iLife.

    Ideas? This must be typical for this vintage of MBA.
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    If you have Lion or Mountain Lion you're out of luck, aren't you?
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    It's on the stick. Use something like Pacifist to tease it out.

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