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How do I join...?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by shadowfax0, Jul 3, 2002.

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    I Added the team number through Folding Control, is that all I have to do to join your team? (I entered 3446)
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    That's it. And enter a username. I'm sure you know, but just make sure that it's your name/3446 for username/team rather than the default for macaddict4life.

    Welcome aboard. I hope that you find it's a lot of fun for a good cause. :)
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    yeuh.. yueh.. welcome aboard!! FAH is so way cooler than seti dude;)
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    I don't know, I have 1024 Units done for SETI, so I figure Ill just switch between the two :D Also, I went to the stats page, but I do not see my name there, I suppose I have to finish a WU first...?
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    my name appeared 2 days after i finished my first WU... it was frustrating not seeing my name up there but i guess it takes those slow stanford kids awhile to update a web site ;)
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    heh heh, Ok thanks for the info :)
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    All I have to say, is DAMN! This thing takes A LONG TIME! Right now Im running it through folding control, on both of my procs (I have a 2x450Mhz) and it's onyl half way after about a day and a half! WOW! And I thought the 12 hours of SETI was grueling... :D And this is Altivec optomized...? :)
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    No. It should be when they change to the gromacs core. It isn't SSE accelerated either.

    Make sure that your info is right for both processors, you wouldn't want to give all your processor time to macaddict4life. :)

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