How do I save animated .gif files?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by stevefo, May 5, 2013.

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    I occasionally find some hilarious .gif files and have yet figured out how to save them on my iMac. I'm also new to OS X.
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    To save them, just right-click and save the images. To open them on your Mac, there are several available apps, such as Xee for Mac.
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    Ok, so it's not built into OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 to view them?
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    You can open them in Safari, if you wish.
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    No it is built in. I dunno why the user above wants you to install something.

    1) They play automatically when selected in column view
    2) You can select a gif in any view and press the space bar, the quicklook window will pop out and loop the gif
    3) You can open the gif in any modern web browser
    4) Quicktime '7' can play gif files
    5) You can open the gif in preview and hold the left or right arrow to move through the frames of the gif.
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    I didn't say I wanted anyone to install anything. I said there are several available apps and named one as an example. I also said the files can be opened in Safari. I don't care if anyone installs software, but since the OP didn't specify a preference at first, the suggestion is valid.

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