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How do I share a link from Google Images via safari

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Nerdy Keith, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Nerdy Keith

    I was searching the web with safari for images to provide as a source link for Yahoo Answers. But since Safari on Mountain Lion is using the new search system where you search in the address bar, it wont give me a url.

    The URL information is locked. On the left of the search entry it has the letters "https" on the left of that is a padlock icon. I click on the icon and I receive this message on screen:

    "Safari is using an encrypted connection with www.google.ie
    Encryption with a digital certificate keeps information private as it's sent to or from the https website www.google.ie."

    It then as the buttons "Show Certificate" & "OK"

    Is there a way I can get this version of Safari to let me view URL from google searches?
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    Well, I know a way but it may not be worth it. Right click any empty space on google and click "Inspect Element". Then on the right side of the new thing that popped up you should see "Location" and then right under "Full URL"

    For example, this will bring up "olympics" under the image search.

    edit- First you have to go tot Safari>Preferences>Advanced and enable "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
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    Nerdy Keith

    Well I suppose it could work that way. But I think for the moment (unless I find a more direct way of doing this). I will copy google search results this way that I've just figured out.

    1. Click on the share icon at the top on the left of the address bar
    2. Select Messages
    3. A dialogue box will appear with a url. Highlight it, hold down ctrl, click the url and select copy.
    4. Press Cancel to remove the message dialogue box

    Its not the most direct way of doing it, but I suppose it will have do for now.
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    Haha, I was actually going to suggest that way first but thought this was was slightly simpler after the initial setup. I know there are extensions you can download that will create a link for the page your on, and shorten it. http://zzhc.org/shortly/ That's probably more convenient.

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