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How do I type Pound symbol on Windows?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gary King, Aug 15, 2005.

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    How do I type Pound symbol on Windows with a Mac keyboard? Using alt + 0163 doesn't work, and same with any other alt codes. Why not, on a Mac keyboard?
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    Shift 3 doesn't do the job?

    Or possibly more importantly, what country are you in?
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    Try using the numerical pad, if you haven't already.
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    Right'o, I plugged my Mac keyboard to my PC...

    Don't use the upper shared row to type the numbers. Use the numerical keyboard to the right. Also, the Right Alt is not the Right one. The Left is. (Hahaha! *cough cough*)

    Left Alt+0163 should produce a £.

    Also, on my Apple keyboard the £ is in the same place as on my Logitech keyboard (thought there's no actual £ label on the Apple keyboard itself). Ie: Right Alt+3 on Mac keyboard, Right Alt (aka Alt Gr)+3 on my Logitech keyboard.

    /This post typed on a Apple Keyboard in a Windows OS
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    That works fine here with an Apple keyboard plugged into an XP box. You've got the keyboard layout set to "United States - International" when you're trying that?
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    My keyboard layout is English United States - US.
    I'm in Canada, not Europe.

    If I type left alt + 0163, then when I first hit alt + anything (in this case, the 0) it will give me the sound that is given when you have an error in something you typed, basically meaning I can't hit alt + anything.
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    What model keyboard are you trying to use, anyway?
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    Use your mouse.
    Go to character map (Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Character Map) and it should be the third one from the top left.
    Click it, click Select, click copy and then ctrl + v or paste. :)
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    Hold down the alt key and hit 3. When you're using a PC keyboard on a Mac, as I frequently do, the alt key usually corresponds to Mac's option key.

    Alt/option + 1 = ¡
    Alt/option + 2 = ™
    Alt/option + 3 = £
    Alt/option + 4 = ¢
    Alt/option + 5 = ?
    Alt/option + 6 = §
    Alt/option + 7 = ¶
    Alt/option + 8 = •
    Alt/option + 9 = ª
    Alt/option + 0 = º

    There are a lot more but that's a lot of typing. You get the idea.
  11. TBi
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    I'm still looking for the \ key on the apple keyboard when doing remote desktop :) Controlling Windows with a british (IRISH!!!) key layout

    (BTW i do know there is a \ key on the keyboard but it won't work in remote desktop)

    EDIT: I just remembered that AltGR is usually the same as ctrl+alt in windows, so using right alt is the same as holding ctrl+alt so try that too.
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    Hah... You know... I was so confused by this. This thread is about typing the characters in WINDOWS, not on a Mac (but using a Mac keyboard), right? :eek: :eek:

    I just tried this on Win2k here in the lab, and I found this to be true -- but I don't have XP here to try it. In Win2k, right-alt+shift+4 did not work for me initially. I had to go to Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Input Locales -> Properties (up at the top) and change this setting to United States - International, to get this to work. The Input Language was still English (United States), but to the right of it, under Keyboard Layout / IME, it says United States - International.

    The key combo worked for me then. Doesn't matter which shift key, but you must use the right alt / option key.
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    So you don't have q, w, y, j, k, z or x keys?
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    u learn to get bi :)
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    Is that the Irish keyboard or the Instant Messaging keyboard? :eek: ;) :D

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