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How does one determine what Gen a iPod is?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tawcat, Aug 24, 2012.

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    I am contemplating selling my Ipod Classic 160GB; I'm not sure what generation it is. Doesn't say on the box.

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    It's an iPod Classic/iPod 6G. There are two 160GB models. One has the numbers MB145LL/A (160 GB Silver) and MB150LL/A (160 GB Black). The other known as the late 2009 iPod Classic has numbers MC293LL/A (Silver) and MC297LL/A (Black).
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    Thank you, mine is the late 2009 silver model.
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    Good site I was about to post that but you beat me to the punch lol.... Another way to tell is that the older 160gb is thicker by a lot then the current 160gb..... The main reason Apple switched to the 80 then 120 is that the hard drives were thinner then when the thinner 160 came out Apple went to that.


    By the way I wouldn't sell the iPod if it's still in working order. As of right now no work on if apple is going to dicontune the Classic or upgrade it. With people's music collections growing and iCloud/Music match not being an option for every one (manly because people don't have unlimited data and would eat though their monthly cap). Just my thoughts. That is unless your music collection hasn't grown in the last ten years and you don't listen to music ever except your old CDs lol.......
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    Thanks for the tip. I was lucky in that the Nano I owned was part of a recall. It was replaced with a 8GB smaller version, I guess a Shuffle. I use it because of the small size. Haven't used the Classic in 2 years, time to let it go!!
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    Shuffle never came in an 8gb. The recall program you speak of gives you a 6th gen nano. But non the less it's what ever if you get rid of your classic just remember what I said
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    LOL! Well as you can tell I don't know a lot about, these devices. Whatever the little square device they replaced my Nano with, is perfect for my application!
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    I see lol..... It's still a Nano never the less, and now you know. Also by the way there are some cool accessories to wear it as a watch. There're are tons of different watch bands Check out this website for one idea:


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