How does Twitter and safari work with NC (notification center)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by slagathor001, May 2, 2012.

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    ?? Or does it just show it in system preferences but it's not functional yet?
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    What are you asking about?

    You set the twitter account in the Accounts setting in System Prefs. Safari has its own NC settings in its Preferences.
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    I think he's asking what Twitter notifications appear in NC.
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    ^ That AND what safari notifications appear in notification center???

    For me it's NONE and I don't really get it...
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    It alerts whenever your twitter account get mentioned and for Safari, those are notifications for sites, like what Gmail does for their "new email" notifications in their Chrome browser. I believe this is part of the HTML5 standard to allow notifications from websites that you approve.
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    Twitter notifications work fine for me. Clicking them takes me to Twitter website instead of Twitter app. Minor quibble.
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    Oh cool I don't get ANY notifications from twitter in my notification center so I assumed it didn't work yet. Does anyone know how I can make notifications appear in m notifcation center for twitter? Also how I can for safari / which websites work for safari in notification center ?
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    I got Twitter to work with my OS X Notification Center but tweets don't work with it. also so far no websites have notifications for notification center right ?
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    I don't think there is any sties at the moment that has the notification coded yet.

    As for tweets, what do you mean? There isn't a way to send tweets, only to receive tweets mentioning your twitter account.
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    It's not done through the Twitter app, but rather by adding your Twitter account in Mail, Contacts & Calendars. I assume when ML comes out Twitter will add the functionality to the app itself.
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    I meant notifications for tweets. Like if someone tweeted there I don't get a notification anywhere for it. I believe that just isn't an option correct or am I wrong ? If it isn't an option then you should really be able to get notification for tweets OR for a selected person you get notifications only when a specified person tweets
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    I think that's right. Based on my review of the actual Twitter app, Twitter classifies communications by (1) "timeline", (2) mentions, and (3) messages. Presently, notification Center only notifies you for mentions and messages, but not tweets on the timeline. I'm following several people who tweet regularly, but since those tweets only appear in my timeline, they're not recognized by the notification Center. I have not received a mention or a message, so I cannot yet tell whether the notification Center for Twitter is working for me.
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