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How Dumb Am I??

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by addsapple, Aug 17, 2002.

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    Of course i can't see the camera! u r using it! and it even said that! lol... I am sure there is something wrong with my little brain!!!
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    I assume this was in reply to someone?

    You and firewire2001 need to get to know each other. :p

    But, in all seriousness, no flame posts. :rolleyes:
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    Re: How Dumb Am I??

    You didn't read the whole post. I have TWO cameras on my desk. The Nikon F3 FILM CAMERA and the Nikon 950 DIGITAL CAMERA. Check the setup thread for a pic of my film camera.
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    Uhhhhh.... How about super Dumb!!!!!!:p ;)
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    darn...i was hoping this was a poll. :p
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    :rolleyes: :mad: ;)
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    How unkewl that was! :(
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    haha... do you know the story..?

    a long while back when i first registered my first post was meant to be a reply.. but i had never been on a forum befo and i hit "new thread"..

    juss like dis guy.. haha.. but dat waz a while ago, but he still has given me a hard time about that every time someone sdoes something like i did.. heh..

    heres some other posts where he mentioned it.. :rolleyes:, i dont keep track - i juss did a search.. ;)



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    one word.............. very.... :D

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