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Discussion in 'iPod' started by rye9, Mar 15, 2006.

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    The nano is 4GB for $250, but for only $50 more, you can get 7.5 the space AND video capabilities. Also, does anyone actually use 30GB of music?
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    Glenn Wolsey

    I have 23GB of music and 11GB of video, so yes I would.
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    Wow, Ive only used 250MB of songs.... and Ive had my iPod mini for over a year.
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    23 gigs of video, 20 gigs of music...
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    I think that, if everyone cared to respond, you'll find a lot of people that could fill up a 5G iPod. I have about 16-17GB of music, and the rest is filled by videos. I am nowhere near what some people have.

    How can it be that for just $50 more you get all that? Easy. Hard disks are much cheaper than flash memory, and you pay for the convenience and size of the nano, too. The nano takes up approximately 1/3 as much space as a regular iPod.

    I think the iPods are pretty close to being priced correctly.
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    I'm thinking about getting a 5G iPod 30GB. What can I do to fill it up faster? I only have a 40GB HD on my computer, and only half a gig of music. Idk y but I feel like Im totally wasting money on an iPod if I hardly put a gig on it. I dont even know if ill get one now...:(
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    Simple. Put some video on it at 0.1GB/half hour you'll fill it up real quick ;).

    Or, just encode your music in Apple Lossless, and have it take up 2.5 GB.

    Or, just turn on disk access and store your home directory (a.k.a. your profile) on it.

    Seriously why not just get a 1 or 2 GB nano if that's all you want/need.

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    you can rip all your dvds too it too. which can take up gbs

    and for 50 more dollars you get something much nicer, video, larger screen... even though the nano is sweet... i'd go for the 30gb
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    it really depends on if your collection is going to grow and whether you'll have the 5G for a few years
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    Either someone has very high quality music, loves P2P, or has way to many CDs
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    Dont you need to do something to the DVD's on the computer to allow the iPod to accept them or something?

    Because I already have a 4GB mini so I find it pointless to get a nano.... I just like the video appeal, although idk if i like such a small screen. then again, its an mp3 player, so i dont worry about video that much.
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    In that thread somewhere some guy has 16,000 songs (May of been more i cant really remember) and all payed for via iTMS
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    To be honest i think you should stick with your mini its a great iPod and you dont need anymore space by the sounds of it
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    Glenn Wolsey

    I know a guy with 450GB of iTunes music :eek:
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    I take it you're not a music fan? :)

    42 GB of music & counting for me...and a 3rd Gen 30 GB iPod.

    I'm waiting for an 80 or 100 GB iPod before I upgrade - If I was to buy a 60GB iPod today, I would fill it with my existing music, photo & video collection from Day 1 with no room to grow.
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Agreed, the day I see something larger than 60Gb will be the day I upgrade my 3G 15GB iPod :)
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    True, I dont need space... I would be perfectly fine with a 512MB Shuffle.:eek: The video capabilities is what is making me want one. If there was a smaller HD in the iPod video, I would probably get it right away.
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    No i love music, it one of the best thing ever. Perhaps it has something with me being young, so i have not had "years" to buy a lot of it. Or that iTMS does not have a lot of the older music i want(The Beatles, Wings, Zepplin ect) Or the fact i buy most of my music from iTMS, and don't buy full CD just a new songs.

    Perhaps i should got buy a bunch of iTMS cards
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    Is it possible to put games on an iPod as a way to take up space AND act as a source of fun? I think Apple should create downloadable games for iPods. They could probably make lots of money selling the games on iTunes.
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    "Is it possible to put games on an iPod as a way to take up space AND act as a source of fun?"

    Sorry, but you'll have to stick with solitaire, parachute etc for now (music quiz is always fun though)!

    In terms of the size of your music collection, its probably better to do it by number of songs as opposed to number of gigs, ive got about 5000 songs and that takes up about 30gigs, (all ripped at about 192), whereas a friend of mine also has 30gigs but about 8000 songs (all ripped at about 128). 'tis all relative!
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    I'm going through a philosophical change at the moment. I have a shuffle, a 4GB mini and a 15GB 3G iPod. I use the 3G as a portable jukebox, most of the time it just sits in my inMotions as a source for all my music.

    I used to think that carrying all my music around was a great idea. Now I use my shuffle and my mini far more than the 3G and I'm thinking a better use of my money would be a nano and a big arse external HDD for all my music and movies and just swap the music in and out of the nano as I wanted.

    But then, I think of being able to throw a few TV shows onto a 5G iPod and have them for relaxing as I'm trying to go to sleep. That would be cool.

    Best deal for me would be:
    - 500GB external HDD (to get rid of all these damned CD-Rs)
    - 60GB 5G iPod (to replace the 3G)
    - 2GB or even 1GB iPod nano (to replace the shuffle and the mini)
    - Hell, may as well throw in a solid gold toilet whilst I'm dreaming.
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    My 40GB iPod is full and I have about another 3000 tracks on iTunes that are deselected so they don't go on the iPod
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    What kinds of files do most people store on their iPods?
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    I use AAC at 192

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