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How long do you need to reinstall osx?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Khendal, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Hello, i have a doubt...how many times do you need to do a clean install of osx ?

    I have a new 8-core 2.4 mac pro and i need 35-40 minutes:(...and to install x-plane... something like 4 hours .

    Maybe have i any problems in my optical drive?
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    I might be just reading it wrong but I'm having a hard time understand your question. :)

    Are you asking about how long it takes to install OS X?
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    ehm...sorry... but...yes !! how long...not how many times :D
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    Xplane is very long to install from what I remember...
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    Whenever I do a clean install of Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro it usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour, so I'll say that your figures are normal.
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    I would say once a day, until it settles in properly and also just to make sure you don't have a nasty virus.

    :)P Sorry, I couldn't help it)

    40 mins seems about right on an HDD, no?
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    it mainly depends on the optical drive and a bit on the HD speed. Half an hour on a mac pro seems OK to me.
    CPU speed is not the limiting factor for an OS X install on any Mac Pro.
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    If you skip some software components (e.g. printer drivers in 10.5), it will take less time, of course.
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    I haven't seen it take much longer than 20-25 minutes.

    Once I installed from a disk image (attached via USB HDD) and it took ~15 minutes.
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    never had too. I have upgraded from tiger,leopard,snow leopard with no issues.
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    Usually it's pretty fast. X-Plane takes a while as it's big, but it's not OS X. ;)

    Final Cut Studio takes like 3 hours for a full install.
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    Thanks for your answers guys, yesterday i've tried to reinstall osx, without languages and without all printers supports... it tooks something like 22m.

    Seems to be ok...but...i've ordered the same, a new optical driver...the pioneer dvr218 from OWC and a blu ray burner.

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