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How long should i wait...? for a new PM??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hs-l, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I'm selling my G4 on the 2nd of februari,
    and was about to order a dual 867 right away than, or should I wait..?

    for the low end of the next revision and hope that one has FW 800, Airport Extreme & full DDR support and maybe a faster FSB maybe even higher dan 167MhZ ?
    and ofcourse: more silent!!

    but the most important question is:

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    Soon, my guess is by april at the latest.
  3. arn
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    Re: How long should i wait...? for a new PM??

    soon... next month or so, just based on educated guessing.

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    I really hope so Arn. My PM G4 400MHz is showing it's age and needs upgrading soon as I seem to use my PB 667MHz for most heavy tasks now.
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    I want to buy a new PowerMac aswell, but I'm agonizingly waiting another 6-12 months for the PM 970....
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    The agony is killing me to mate! I really don't know if I can wait until the 970 arrives as there are no guarantees when it will surface.
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    I think the next PowerMac update will feature the 7457 but definitely not the 970 (MWNY at best).
    Now about the timing: I know that it would make sense, considering the last desktop updates (iMac at MWNY'02 and PowerMac in 09/02), that Apple should be updating the iMac line before the Powermac line.
    Therefore we can assume 2 things :
    1. the iMac, in terms of performance, is only going to be speedbumped (it will also probably get Bluetooth and AirportExtreme) so that PowerMacs sales won't be impacted between the 2 updates.
    2. The PowerMac update should come end of february at the soonest. Apple need to stretch the time before the 970 arrives.

    Just logic here, no facts...

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    I know were you are coming from. I upgraded to my Dual/GHz/DDR Powermac from a B/W G3400. Do you think I saw a speed increase?:D

    There are some really killer deals on refurb macs right now and if you are willing to save some money I would do it.

    I say this a) because there are no hard drives currently that can max the original firewire at 400Mb/s.

    b) how important is having your tower free from wires?
    Check out the deals here......

    Dual 867 $1495

    Dual 1GHz $2,149

    Dual 1.25 $2,749

    Apple Store Deals

    It usually takes 3 or 4 months after a new Mac comes out before there are Refurb models available.
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    Apple's pain

    It must be an awful position for Apple.

    There are plenty of people on these message boards who slag Apple off for not producing "faster" and more "cutting edge technology" PowerMacs. Do you think Apple want to be in this position - they want to make the most kick-ass computers money can (can't?) buy!!

    I, like many others, am waiting for a G4/G5 (whatever) that does someting totally new rather than just faster. I'm using a G4-500, and it's speed is only just starting to annoy me, and I do lots of PSD and FCP. Having said that, the ports on the original G4-350 are almost identical to the current range.

    FireWire800 and AirportX will be cool, but it's still not quite what I'm talking about. I want to buy a new PM (or any Mac) and take it out of the box and do something new and cool. Airport and FW800 don't cut it ("wow, look how fast I transferred that file..." ZZzzzz)... I mean new to use, like home cinema, cool add-ons, more customisation etc.

    What do you guys think?
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    Here's what I don't entirely understand about Apple's marketing: Why not start dropping prices on "outdated" machines? Introduce updated iMacs if that's what makes sense. Don't worry about slowing PowerMac sales . . . just lower the prices. For people who are willing to wait, they can wait. Other folks may be tempted by the lower prices on what will soon become last year's technology. The reason PowerMac sales are slow is because people know that they'll be able to get more for the same $$ soon. So give them less for less money now, and they'll buy now, and use the savings to buy, for example, a bluetooth adapter.
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    So if the next PowerMac is based on the 7457, when will the 970 be introduced in to the product line?
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    If we were in a position to know that, we probably would have an awful lot of work to do, not posting on forums.

    Remember, MacRUMORS - there is no concrete word from Apple that these chips will even be used.
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    Re: Apple's pain

    I think I agree with you. I'd like to see some new technology in the PowerMac line. I'd like the machines to be a bit quieter too ( G4NOISE). I've posted lists of features in a couple forums. Hope some if not all come true.
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    There is only so much margin in these machines. This is partly due to the fact that Apple isn't as large as some computer manufacturors and doesn't cut corners nearly as much. They can not in many cases afford to lower there prices but must clear inventory as much as possible first before dropping prices a little to get rid of the few remaining.
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    If they dropped their prices on some of the ibooks then i would buy right now AND purchase a faster one later.

    In the UK their lowest priced ibook (student discount) goes for £700, but it comes with a CD player, how lame is that. Now if it was fitted with at least a DVD player it would seem more appealing and compete with the lower speced intel machines.

    But i want the DVD/CDRW combo on the next machine up, but it is £1000, i see no reason why they shouldn't lower it by £200 - £100. I would buy it then because i could get everything for about £1000. Instead i will wait because i know there is a processor upgrade.

    I made the mistake once of just buying a computer, it was a PII, a month later out came the PIII.
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    I am sure new ones will be out. in the apple time frame its about time, it only makes sense.

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    I hope so too,
    and it would be perfect for me...
    selling it in the first week of feb, and don't want to wait too long!!

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    I'll be right behind you, but I have a dual gig so I'm not really agonizing.
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    Dont worry about the noise, my dual 867 is nowhere near as loud as my friend's dell. Just a low hum, and its always overpowered by my iTunes or games... or worse yet my minifridge. THAT is what I would consider loud.

    I would wait for the new ones just for the 7457 processors. The 7455s are listed as a 5 on Moto's website, so I guess that means the Powermacs are due for an update.
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    Is it true that the dual 867 (MDD) is less noisier than the 1 & 1,25 GHz's?
    what speeds do you guys think, entry model over 1GHz.. (dual)?

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    1GHz, 1.25, 1.43(Max)
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    I hear some of you guys saying about selling your macs, then upgrading. Where is the best place to sell? Would my poor old G4 400MHz with Radeon be worth much in the UK?
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    Who exactly are these sources?
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    iJon's parents run a Apple dealer, if I'm not mistaken...

    As for buying new PMacs, I want to upgrade as well (I have a G4 350 Sawtooth... bought it secondhand for about 3000 Dutch guilders, say $1400 quite a while ago).
    I want to buy a new one after September 1st (because then I'm officially a University student -> Apple store for Education!)
    I'll need a really powerful machine because I want to use it for 5 years before buying a new one, and I will use it for my study Architecture.. (running software like Maya and CADprograms)
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    Total Recall: ta ta ta two weeks

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