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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by RobMtl007, Jul 12, 2008.

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    If a programmer submits an application in the Apps Store, is there a feature

    informing the programmer how many Apps have sold in the Apps Store?

    Would the programmer have a User profile to see how his/her Applications
    are doing.

    Regards Robert
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    Unfortunately no, and with the "Popularity" download counts in now broken it seems that there's no way for us to check downloads besides waiting for the monthly reports.
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    Do the monthly reports come on the first of the month or just monthly from when the app store launched?
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    That's a good question. I would imagine the monthly reports are done on the first of the month rather than at a different time so they can label them based on the month, and I seem to remember seeing in the "Publishing on App Store" that monthly reports are listed by month name. The page in iTunes Connect doesn't say, though.
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    If there is no way to find out until the monthly report that is going to be quite a long nervous wait for those who have apps in the store.

    I can imagine downloads could hit tens of thousands if not more for some of the popular apps (Monkey Ball/Band) but some may only get a few hundred. I know I'd be very anxious to see how my app had actually done.
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    Err, yes. You pretty much hit that on the head - we'd like to know how our apps are doing. :D
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    Apple should have released an app that counts developer's app downloads in realtime :)
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    Someone should write that app.... Apple definitely thought out the entire app store distribution system pretty well.
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    Application Sort By Popularity

    You can get a general sense of how well your app stacks up to others by doing a sort by popularity on the iTunes App Store.
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    You can also embed analytics software into your code that would tell you how many users you have, among other things.
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    User Tracking

    Yeah I thought about this a lot today and found

    I'm not sure I feel about tracking my users, I definitely wouldn't want to do it without consent. That just feels creepy, and I'm kinda afraid that users would be turned off from the concept too if I prompted them too.

    Perhaps I'll add some useful functions to my software like an opt in network high score list. Which would also as a by product help get me statistics on how many people are actually playing. That seems a little more fair to the user.

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