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How many songs/albums have you bought through iTunes?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Aluminum213, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I see some people here have hundreds of gigs worth of music, but I wonder how many have been purchased via the iTunes store.

    I have about 70 gigs of music and have bought about 6 albums from iTunes, all within the last 6 months mind you as I stopped buying physical CDs as I still want to find a way to support my favorite artists so I purchase their album on iTunes now
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    I've bought around 700 songs on iTunes
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    I'm guessing about 3,000-4,000 songs. Many of them were complete collections like Complete Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode, U2 and a few others When the collections were offered.
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    Not saying how many, but I use iTunes Match, so I can buy wherever the music is cheapest and iTunes Match will convert it to 256KBit AAC. So some is iTunes, some is Amazon mp3s, some is CDs. When comparing prices, I usually have some iTunes gift cards bought with 20% rebate, so iTunes isn't beaten on price very often, but it happens.
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    This past christmas I got a bunch of $50 iTunes for $40, I always jump on those sales. But without that, Amazon not only 99% of the time beats iTunes prices but does so by quite a bit.

    I really don't get why Apple so rarely puts albums on sale
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    :eek: That is amazing!
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    I'm in the UK; maybe that makes a difference. And since I _do_ get gift cards with 20% rebate, the price that I pay at iTunes _is_ advertised price minus 20%. And play.com used to beat both quite often; nowadays I find it hard to find anything on their site.
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    I've bought 1 album and about 10 songs; I only really use iTunes when I'm looking for a certain song (Usually for auditions) and a physical album is nearly impossible to find.
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    Yayyy, i found a use for smart playlists xD

    Anyway, currently all purchased adds up to 3256 items, but that also counts music videos, but doesn't count Digital Booklets, those all got screwy when i copied my iTunes library over from my PC to my Mac. But still, my library is composed of 5126 songs. ;) It's fun.
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    65 songs via iTunes. 165 songs via Amazon. I got off the iTunes buying habit to avoid having to transcode the Apple purchases into MP3s to make mix CDs for the car. Now I keep an iPod in the car 24/7 so it's not an issue but haven't switched back to iTunes. Hmm...
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    last check I was in the 2500 song range, which includes quite a few full albums, and various singles. That's since iTunes was released to the PC in 2003.

    Full library is about 8x that much and entails ripped CDs from all the way back to the mid 90's.

    Admittedly I probably have as much music by David Bowie, NIN & The Cure as I do purchased music from iTunes.
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    Not many, maybe 20 or so.

    I get my music on CD or rip it myself from games. There's the odd few I have to pick up on iTunes. I'd be more inclined to buy films on iTunes if they were all re-downloadable (like Steam is with its content. If I spend £20 on something it had better be on my account forever).
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    I bought something like 500 songs on iTunes, that is around 5% of my library. Just a few full albums. All my CD's are stored in boxes I never open again.
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    Aren't films/music now redownloadable? I have films available to me from the cloud for download/streaming on my MAC when they were all originally purchased using my PC.
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    Most of my library is stuff I have ripped off of my CD's. I have about 500 or so total songs from the iTunes store. That includes albums as well. I have to say that it has increased steadily over the last few years though just because of the convenience factor and the removal of the DRM mechanic from the store.
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    Not all are in the UK. The only reason I have films on iTunes is because the bluray came with a code to download them. But I'd say around 1/3 of my library is showing up on iCloud/redownloadable. There are some films I want that are only on iTunes but I'm waiting until all are redownloadable.

    To be fair I haven't looked up on this for a while and this might now be the case (in the UK), and it just so happens that film pages on iTunes are just missing the text to say they can be redownloaded.
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    Most movies are re-downloadable but I have two that I have purchased over the years that have been removed from the cloud over the past few months because they are for rent only. I think once they are available for sale again, they will be available in the cloud once again.

    It doesn't matter what computer was used to purchase them from the store.
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    Tobias Funke

    None!! :D
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    I just topped 1,000 songs purchased from iTunes.
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    It looks like I've bought 11 albums on iTunes. I haven't bought much music lately as there hasn't been that much I've been interested in.

    Also, the last album I bought was al CD since it wasn't available on iTunes.

    When buying there's the price for the iTunes download versus buying the CD. And if you can find a used CD that is usually less expensive. Of course when something is only available on CD there isn't much choice.

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