How much RAM for my iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bill4588, Feb 17, 2006.

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    I'm getting an iBook in May (and if the intel one is out then I'll get that one) and I'm curious how much RAM i should get since I've never had a Mac before. The one in the store with 512MB seemed to work just fine but I'm wondering if I would regret getting that amount in the future. I dont have any plans for doing any photo/video editing. I'll mostly just be writing papers, browsing the web, using AIM, and iTunes (and various other programs that come with it). Would 512MB be enough for this? Or should I upgrade to 1GB? I know I'll see an improvement if I do, but would it be worth the money?
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    If you getr an iBook G4, upgrade to at least 1 Gb. If you get a (yet to be announced) intel version, upgrade to at least 1.5 Gb because Rosetta is hungry...
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    :( that's not good. im on a tight budget....i want to stay under $1000....I could just get a refurbished one and add another 512MB i guess...
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    1GB is over kill. If you just want web browsing, iChat, and email then you only need 512-768. If you plan on doing PhotoShop then you MIGHT need the GB.
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    Not overkill if you use widgets. Also, Safari eats up more RAM during a long session unless you clear the cache often. With the price of RAM, I would plan on another 512. You can wait, but I'd still plan on it eventually, you will notice a slight difference.
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    If your budget doesn't allow for it immediately, you'll still be fine to run the machine as is.
    In fact, it will allow you some time to see what you think of the performance.
    That way, if you decide that the machine runs fast enough for your usage, there's no benefit to adding extra RAM.
    While extra RAM will certainly enhance the performance, it may be money that you don't need to spend.

    It's analagous to asking in a car forum, "How fast a car should I get?"
    While there are those who will encourage you to push it to the limit, my opinion is that as long as the machine does what you need it to do, you're fine.
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    thanks for the advice. I'm just gonna stick with 512MB at first and see how I like that. If I think it's too slow I'll upgrade later when I get the money.

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