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How often are apps uploaded?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by xbigman15x, Jul 10, 2008.

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    How often are apps uploaded? There were some apps i was looking forward to like Tap Tap Revenge and it isn't there. Could they be up today or in the coming days?
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    There were supposed to be 500 "at launch" and they're not at 500 yet. I think they're shoveling stuff on all day today. Some stuff has popped up new in the past few hours.
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    I read it could take up to 2 business weeks for an app to go from submitted to on the app store if its approved.
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    That makes sense, i thought i was going mad seeing apps i hadn't on my first run through.
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    Are you sure about that? Under "All iPhone Applications," I count well over 500, but maybe my math is off....
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    21 per page x 27 pages =567 (give or take, if the last page is full)
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    If you sort by date - is it sorting by hour or minute, or just bundling everything for that day together? I guess people might have gone through the list once, and want to just see the new ones, rather than them getting jumbled up with today's launch apps.

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