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how should i get my app out there

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by iamgerbs, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I finished my new app and I need beta testers. I made a blog, but I posted something in the Mac OS X applications and people thought it was a scam type thing. Any tips? or does any one want to test it?

    go here for my blog
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    Hmm... Just what did you do to be able to claim that your version of Webkit is faster than the proven and tested one? I don't think I would ever install something that completely replaces Webkit and would never suggest anyone do so either.

    Especially looking at your .pkg file. It just completely overwrites /System/Library/Frameworks/Webkit.framework...
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    I thought iTunes used their own custom QuickTime renderer for their store, not WebKit.

    And I agree with CaptainZap. Your blog is extremely vague about what's going on. If you want people to use your software, provide details and how to uninstall if necessary.
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    so i should make an uninstall that restores the old webkit and javascript frameworks and post some benchmarks on the back? and where can i benchmark the rendering speeds?
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    I'm sorry, but this doesn't give any information at all. In fact, it is just plain suspicious. Why don't you actually explain what this TurboKit does...

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