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How to access the Application Store

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by Dualrecto, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I have updated itunes, but I do not see any app store in the sidebar. I do not have an iphone so I assume this is the reason. Am I missing something? Is there any way to view the applications without having an iphone? Thanks.
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    open itunes prefs, under general, and check the 'applications' box near the top
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    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    open itunes, select itunes stores on the left, click app store (with an orange "new" bubble beside it).
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    It must be different on a Mac versus a PC. No orange new area link for me (on PC) and I already had applications selected and all I see are the ipod apps.

    However, I took a clue from one of the online pages and did a search for a game I knew was there. It was found and I was able to navigate back to the apps store with the other buttons then.

    I wonder if I have to complete my install of 2.0 before it really shows automatically.

    I guess I will find out if my 2.0 software ever finishes downloading. at 67% now.
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    Even on Macs, there is no appstore button, as far as i can see. Other members cannot find it also. The best way to access it is to go to preferences, click general, then check applications. Then close that and go to applications and at the bottom right there is a button to access it.
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    there is on my mac...
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    hmm that is weird i do not have that on my itunes 7.7 on my macbook. this is all that shows..

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    Just search for something like "Tetris" and a link will come up on the left for the Tetris game, and it will take you to the Games section of the App Store, and you can start navigating it from there.
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    I only see the App store after signing in with my UK based account.

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    were is Crash Bandicoot :(
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    where do i get 7.7 from?
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    According to TUAW, "No exact word on when Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D is coming, but it can't be too late after the App Store releases, and we'd guess $10 for a price, since that's what most of these things will be going for."
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    Alan Taylor

    This game looked like fun, I'd be interested to see how much it is...
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    .. it's up on Apple's site.
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    I'm guessing they are using IP targeting to release the app store to only those where 2.0 has been officially released
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    Might still be listed under Apple Downloads as iTunes 7.6, but I got 7.7 when I downloaded it.

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