How to boot firewire?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by trewyn15, May 24, 2013.

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    I need to boot from firewire with my PowerBook, so I'm guessing I'll need to boot from my HDD or a flash drive.

    My .dmg file that I need to boot from extracts to about 21.6GB or something of that nature, so a Dual Layer disc won't work.

    My problem is that I don't have a firewire drive, can I convert from USB to firewire and still have it work?

    Also, will my PowerBook G4 boot from a HDD, or is there a format for Macs that will accept a 20+GB file?

    I feel like this is my last option right now for this .dmg file.
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    PowerPC Macs can boot from a USB drive.
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    PowerBook G4 on 10.3.9, can't boot from USB until 10.4 lol
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    It can boot via USB from every version of Mac OS that it can natively boot from on its hard drive.
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    Do you know what format the USB must be then?

    I read elsewhere that you cannot boot from USB on PowerBook G4 on 10.3.9, it wasn't available until 10.4. It was only firewire before that.

    I'll have to look into doing it on my girlfriends Macbook Pro. Is there a guide to do this through disc manager?


    Sorry for the hassle and questions lol I'd just like to get this going so I can actually use this Powerbook lol
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    The USB drive must be HFS+ and APM with a bootable 9.2.X through 10.5.8 OS on it.
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    Perfect, thank you for the input.

    Any clues on how to make an HFS+ APM drive and mount 10.5 to it?
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    Open Disk Utility, click on the HD, select partition, select 1 or more partitions, click the Option button, select Apple Partition Map, apply, that's it.
    Then install OS X on it, it is bootable.
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    Thank you so much, lets hope I can get it to work. I only have a 16GB flash drive, seems like the .dmg file was larger than that when extracted.

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